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    Before he found himself in TEMPUR-A, Before he was pranked by Gopal & Fang, And before the happily ever after, There was first a dark warning that Boboiboy paid no heed to it. And now life upon him is surrounded by a lot of consequences, hidden truths and unexpected deaths. Why? Because that's the price of being the...

  • A Second Chance [BBBG Fic]
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    The powerful Retak'ka was too much for BoBoiBoy and the gang to handle. He had unleashed hell upon Earth and ravaged anyone that dares cross his path. BoBoiBoy, defeated by the hands of the armoured alien, used his ultimate Elemental Split as a last resort in hopes of defeating Retak'ka. Equally matching the fight, t...

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    =======+============+========= "No matter how carefully you planned for this, things will always change... ... And that's where I come in, my friends." =======+============+=========

  • The Heart Remembers What The Mind Forgets
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    Hi! This is my first ever fanfiction so i hope you guys enjoy it! :) I do not own Boboiboy. Boboiboy belongs to Monsta.

  • [Completed] Village Boy vs City Girl (Boboiboy Edition)✔
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    Athena is known as a boyish girl had move back to her own country Malaysia after 12 years she stayed at U.S but living at village not the thing that she hope to.and finding her long lost cousin boboiboy have change her life. can this girl get use herself with Pulau Rintis which is way to far than U.S.A And Can...

  • He's Back in your Life (HIATUS)
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    "If you ever broke up with your boyfriend or girlfriend... Is there a chance that two will come back?" "Yes!" "Tell me a story that proof it!" "Ok." Boboiboy and Yaya are the once lovers for 3 years,but one day,they broke up bcuz of misunderstanding,after 5 years, Yaya is going work abroad in France,,then,When Yaya en...

  • We're here for you (BBB Fanfiction)
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    I forgot my past life story when I met my friends. There's a secret, why I've been sent to my grandfather, not because I'm going to help him, but I want to keep it a secret.

  • Back Again (Sequel From "Maniac : BoBoiBoy Fanfiction") ((H I A T U S))
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    Death of our hero, what happens to our Island without him. New student, seems familiar. What happens next, found out in this book.. A sequel from Maniac.

  • Criminals! (Boboiboy fanfic)
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    [[ORIGINAL VERSION]] Ying is just a poor kid on the streets who grew up to be a professional thief and hacker to make a living and feed herself and her brother. But when a rich CEO hires Ying to rob a great amount of money from the neighboring company, things get out of hand and turn out the way she didnt expect it to.