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  • The Lost Valor of Love
    1M 14.2K 17

    ❃ AWARD-WINNING PUBLISHED NOVEL ❃ BOOK I OF THE TRANSCENDENCE SERIES ❃ Growing up during the centuries-long conflict between the empires of Egypt and Hatti, the young princess Istara is taken hostage by the King of Hatti to secure the loyalty of her father, the King of Kadesh to the empire. Soon her new life in Hatti'...

  • The Rose Killer ✔️
    445K 33.2K 68

    ☆FEATURED PICK & WATTYS SHORTLISTED☆ An assassin with a heart of gold must purge the city of its shadows. ----- Hunted as a traitor by a ruthless organization of killers, Elyra Ross must flee her home under penalty of death. Starting a new life in a distant land is never easy, but Elyra has a plan: learn how to surviv...

    Completed   Mature
  • Moonshadow (Book 1 of the Torrent Skies Saga)
    5.7K 959 58

    Katerin was content with her quiet life of studying the arcane, and wanted for nothing in her life. She had friends, family, and plenty to do. But life has a way of changing people--a way of pushing them to do things far outside their comfort and experience for the sake of family, and curiosity. Can Katerin find her...

    Completed   Mature
  • Ursula's Beginning
    40.8K 3.9K 58

    2018 Wattys winner and Belle Ame Award winner in the Fan Fiction category. Reached #1 in thelittlemermaid, backstory, and Ursula; #3 in headcanons; #7 in Disney. [To be edited.] Prepare to see "The Little Mermaid" in a very different light. If you grew up loving the Disney classic, this is your chance to be part of th...

  • Traveler
    26K 2.5K 42

    Trapped in a cafe that travels to seven dimensions on an infinite loop, Jaz Contra serves coffee while trying to locate the mysterious white-haired man who put her there. When a young shapechanger named Bracken--whose search for his missing aunt leads him to this very cafe--stows away in her basement, Jaz must help...

  • The Call of Eternity
    235K 3.6K 17

    ❃ BOOK II OF THE TRANSCENDENCE SERIES ❃ In the epic sequel to The Lost Valor of Love, worlds collide, and gods and mortals cross paths, kingdoms fall, and ancient, long-buried hatreds stir. In the heavens, the storm god Teshub discovers two of the most powerful gods of the pantheon have fallen to a world torn apart by...

  • The Crimson Wolf ✔️ (The Rose Killer #2)
    158K 17.3K 68

    Even assassins must fear a wolf in sheep's clothing. When a traitor slaughters several fellow members of Alsoom's premier assassin guild, restoring order will require swift retribution. The task of tracking down and killing the deadly deviant falls to the guild's most notorious Hunter - Elyra Ross. She must follow the...

    Completed   Mature
  • A Very English Necromancer - Volume 1
    12K 1.7K 33

    ** Wattys 2018 Winner! The Wild Cards! ** Living in his mother's house, thirty-four year-old Hubert Grange has aspirations - beyond simply becoming the best FPS zombie assassin, watching everything Netflix has to offer, or completing an all-foil Slimefoot Magic the Gathering Commander deck. Hubert Grange knows he ha...

  • The Ill-mannered Door (humorous sci-fi)
    1.5K 514 81

    What would you do if you woke to find a door in your room? No, not an ordinary, well-behaved door that stays in the wall where it belongs, but one standing near the side of your bed that leads to another world. That is precisely what happens to Thomas John, a widowed university professor in rain-soaked England. Lured...