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  • If You.. (COMPLETED)
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    she is leaving.. and i can't do anything.. my love is leaving.. like a fool, I'm blankly standing here.. why didn't I know the weight of sadness that comes with the word of BREAKING UP.. looking at her, getting farther away from me.. she become a small figure and then dissapears.. will this feeling go away after time...

  • We cant forget (Surong / Exopink)
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    That's the story of Apink Member Chorong and Exo Member Suho..... The way they smile at each other the way the look at each other and the way they LOVE each other. They can't forget the past but they thought it would be the right way to be happy. But it hurts more than before..... Characters: MAIN --> Chorong (...

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    dear diary. have you heard of one sided love? have you? that feeling when something going wrong with your crush? well, the truth is, my valentines is going to be the worst day ever. something unexpected happened. ranked #1 in surong, apink & chorong tags [completed in october 2015; currently under HEAVY REVAMPING!!] @...