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  • War Zone | Luke Skywalker
    99.4K 3.1K 34

    "Sometimes, the right path isn't always the easiest one." Episodes IV-VII

  • The Female Jedi | Anakin Skywalker
    256K 10.9K 60

    THIS BOOK IS THE FIRST I EVER WROTE, THERE WILL BE MISTAKES AND CLICHE MOMENTS Book 1 and 2 of The Female Jedi series. Number 1 under 'Anakin Skywalker' It's been four years since Padmé was killed. Ever since, a piece of Anakin was left empty. Until he met Almeta. As Almeta was assigned as Anakin's Padawan, he was...

  • Star Wars: Forbidden || An Anakin Skywalker Love Story [ON HOLD]
    56.8K 1.5K 17

    On a mission assigned to him by the Galactic Senate to protect Senator Amidala, young padawan Anakin Skywalker meets another Jedi-in-training by the name of Raelynn Keturah. Alluring, charming and smart, Raelynn successfully and instantly wins Anakin over without an aspiration to... but could it turn out to be what sh...

  • Underestimate Me ⇝ anakin skywalker x reader {book 1}
    667K 28.3K 93

    I dare you. highest rank(s): #1 anakinskywalker #1 in fanfiction (it was like for an hour, but it still counts ok fight me) #5 Star Wars {disclaimer: some ideas and most characters are not mine. Also keep in mind that this is a fanfiction and some of the storyline will not match up with the movie/other} { cover...

  • Star Wars: Into The Dark || A Luke and Anakin Skywalker Story
    57.2K 1.9K 14

    « "I'll not leave you here, I've got to save you." » After witnessing the death of his father, Darth Vader-previously known as Anakin Skywalker-Luke Skywalker believes he could've done something to prevent his father's dramatic downfall before he was born. Upon uncovering the mysteries of the Force, Luke begins to d...

  • Continuation | Anakin Skywalker
    21.5K 1.1K 20

    Book 3 of The Female Jedi series. After staging her death for the second time, Darth Kinder, also known as Padmé Amidala has formed a Sith Army to destroy the Jedi; in place of Darth Sidious. Anakin and Almeta must team up with their three teenage children Luke, Leia and Aubrianna Skywalker to destroy The Empire.

  • Highness || anakin skywalker[COMPLETE]
    125K 4.4K 51

    Princess Corinna was a kind and loving person, she was next in line to rule the planet of Altre, a planet of beauty. But one dreadful night will change everything. A masked man tried to kill the Princess in hopes to take over the planet and create a new group of separatists after the death of Palpatine. When he fails...

  • bittersweet devotion ↝ anakin skywalker [a star wars retelling]
    226K 7.8K 41

    A long time ago... In a galaxy far far away... There lived a young girl, who dreamed of a better life. One of adventure, danger and love. Little did she know that her life that had yet to begin. Her name was Kaeli Tyandas and she lived on the desert planet of Tatooine where she was forced to work as a slave alongsid...

  • Armor | Anakin Skywalker
    106K 3.7K 26

    Running in her family, Lydia Capenella becomes the Princess of Alderaan. After several assassination attempts, Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi brings the Princess to Coruscant, allowing his former Padawan, Anakin Skywalker to protect her at all costs. And after a long decision, Anakin soon trains Lydia as a Jedi Padawan.