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  • Forgotten Pages✔
    1.9K 466 24

    "The right poem finds us exactly when it needs to." - Atticus A big shout out to @TrendSetter27 for the amazing cover. Cover by- TrendSetter27

  • Justice Eternal
    4.9K 861 20

    Urban Fantasy - Romance - Immortals - Tournaments. Hidden throughout our modern world is an ancient, mythical community. Beneath their human masks lay a plethora of creatures both terrifying and captivating. Though united in their shared secrecy from humans, deep rifts exist between regions and races. The powerful Im...

  • Haven
    10.9K 1.6K 29

    Sophie's future is planned out for her. Having just outgrown her studies and Job Placement in a few months, her path is straight and clear. But when her best friend is captured and taken over the wall that protects them from a wild, primitive people, Sophie makes the most uncharacteristic and dangerous decision of he...