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  • Epitome of Forever
    7.4M 133K 73

    (Romance) [Pioneer#1] Lahat ng may buhay namamatay. Lahat ng bagay nasisira. Lahat ng pagkain nabubulok. Lahat may hangganan. What's my point? Forever is bullsh-it; there is no such thing! FOREVER IS JUST A WORD WITH SEVEN LETTERS! Teka, bago mo sabihing bitter ako uunahan na kita. Hindi ako bitter. Maaga lang akong s...

  • Wake Up, Dreamers
    1.2M 78K 32

    When an unlikely group comprising of a photographer, writer, musician, artist, and poet band together for a documentary film project, anything can happen. Even the impossible. ***** College student Molly Lazuli's dream was always to become a writer. But since her parents never supported that calling, s...

  • Wander Girl
    142K 4.4K 16

    Black Blade Series #2 "As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands. One for helping yourself, the other for helping others" - Audrey Hepburn Vienne Tamara Co loved life. Or at least that's what people thought. CONTENT WARNINGS: Anxiety, Depression, vivid descriptions of sadness and mentions of Suici...

  • How To Love (Trese Series #2)
    335K 7.8K 11

    [ #TRESEseries No. 2 ] "You'd be able to live life to the fullest and appreciate what life could offer, if you learned... how to love." -- Book cover by @PsycheJermyn

  • Untamed Queen
    6.6M 155K 52

    (Action&Romance) [The Queen's Jouney #2] Check out the first book entitled 'Fearless Queen'! Grab your copy of the Queen's Journey Book I, FEARLESS QUEEN Part 1:Beginning and Part 2: Unveil. Available sa lahat ng bookstores and convenience store nationwide for only Php175 (each book)! :)

  • The Player & The Pauper | ✓
    349K 10.1K 33

    Peyton Church is a city girl by anyone's standards. Born and raised in New York City, she grew up wanting for nothing. She attended the most prestigious preparatory schools, shopped on Fifth Avenue, dined with the rich and famous and was adored by everyone she met. But when Peyton's parents announce they're getting...

  • Fearless Queen ♔ (Part 1 & 2)
    11.9M 194K 48

    (Action&Romance) [The Queen's Journey 1] Chesca Chavez is known as the "Fearless Queen" of High Class Palace. With her friends, she will go against their notorious rival known as Rogues. They are known as the toughest gang in the area at kinakatakutan ng mga kalaban. What if malaman niya na puro kasinungalingan ang b...

  • Mhorfell Academy of Gangsters (Now Published Under PSICOM Publishing)
    24.2M 574K 65

    [FIL/ENG] The Mhorfell Academy of Gangsters was innovated mainly for the accommodation of the so-called black sheep of the society and their families. Mafiosos, gangsters, rebels, and delinquents were all welcomed to enter the mortal gates of hell in the academy and encounter experiences that they would never forget. ...

  • Catch Me If You Can (Completed)
    2.8M 98.8K 45

    So you wanna be a thief? Here's how: √ Keep to the shadows √ Plan accordingly. √ Come prepared. √ Be a master of disguise. √ Take what you planned to take. √ Flee when needed. √ Don't fall in love with your mark. Catch Me If You Can (Detective Files Spin-Off) written by ShinichiLaaaabs (Credits to the owner of the ima...

    15.7M 555K 66

    So she tasted the deep pain that is reserved only for the strong. Crimes. Clues. Mysteries. Deductions. Detective Files (File 3) Written by Shinichilaaaabs File 3 of 3 Published: November 22, 2016 Republished: 10/10/17

  • Every Game
    4.1M 170K 36

    Dark Series #1 "Every game has a story." *** Our life is a game. Each of us has our own way on how to play it. Some want it to be as simple as it can be while some endeavours for a much higher goal. But, we may have different methods to play it, there's still one thing we have in common... we all have a goal. Maddy Gr...

  • Crowned Princess (Kingdom University, #3)
    4M 112K 45

    Kingdom University Series #3 || Campus Prince siya, ako nganga. So paano na? ( completed )

  • Guardians
    6.2M 229K 45

    Standalone novel || Guardians are powerful spiritual beings, and only true Divians can use their powers. ( completed )

  • More Than Just A Lap Dance (R1)
    321K 4.7K 7

    WARNING!!! This is not finished here. This has been moved to Dreame and you can red it fully soon via this link: [R18+] Daena loved her job as a private lap dancer. It was all good until he met a mysterious but very sexy and good looking client. Bef...

  • Worthwood Academy (Soon to be published)
    4.4M 123K 62

    "There's another heartbeat in the darkness." Worthwood Academy, a school where extraordinary is only ordinary. Everyone is special in their own ways. Nathalia Delacroix wished for a life that is normal and peaceful yet she's destined to something more chaotic and miserable. She promised to all odds that she'll embrace...

  • Agent X
    13.9K 540 21

    Romnick Clamonte is a British FBI agent. He is ruthless when it comes to his job. He is merciless when it comes to his mission. And he always hates the Philippines. But destiny keeps teasing him. After doing a good job in completing his assignment in Russia, he was given a 3-month long vacation. And he didn't have a c...

  • Boyfriend Corp. Book 3 : After Happily Ever After
    8.5M 215K 62

    Alexa Delos Reyes lost the 'happily ever after' she naively thought she would share with Lance Zamora forever. Years after their breakup, the ex-boyfriend returns, ready to risk it all for Alexa who isn't sure she's willing to do the same again for him. Will they be able to reconcile and start anew? ********** The re...

  • Sinclaire Academy: Half Bloods
    4.4M 123K 68

    "Another school year starts in Sinclaire Academy, do you dare to enter again?" - I suggest you read Sinclaire Academy before reading this. Just so you know how the SA universe works. WARNING: This is different from Sinclaire Academy's storyline. The time setting is different. A lot has changed so don't be surprised by...

  • Mhorfell Academy and The Onyx Blood Disease (Published under PSICOM)
    3.8M 109K 50

    [MAOG Book 2] Do you think you've been toyed enough by the ride called life? Then, you're wrong. It doesn't end with a happy and perfect picture but it only signifies that death is just only the beginning of everything. Alexandria Cromello-Vantress, one of the most benevolent queens of the Mafia Vantress for almost se...

  • She's Rich, He's Richer
    24.9M 385K 86

    A feel good story that will drive you crazy. Hanap mo ba ang kilig? Sweet words? Chase? Gusto mo bang matuwa? Humagalpak kakatawa? mainis? disappointments? Eh yung mapunit ang bibig kakangiti? Thrill? At marami pang iba? Just read this. P.S. Don't read this kung ayaw mong mapa headbang bawat chapter. Thank you :)

  • Sinclaire Academy (Published Under PSICOM)
    21.6M 569K 73

    Sinclaire Academy is the most Elite School in Hangrove; A school where your dreams become your worst nightmare; A school where Social Status, Rank, and Blood are everything. To make it short, Sinclaire Academy is an Elite School for Humans and Vampires Do you dare to enter? Adrianna Walter never knew what she was in f...

  • DETECTIVE FILES. File 1 (Published under PSICOM)
    22.5M 704K 55

    Crimes. Mystery. Clues. Detectives. Deductions. Love story. Detective Files. File 1 Written by: ShinichiLaaaabs (FILE 1 of 3)

  • Back In His Arms Again (Published Under Pop Fiction)
    44.7M 1M 83

    I used to be the girl in his eyes. I used to be the girl who can make him laugh, I used to be the girl who can taste his lips. I used to be his everything. Now that I came back, I need to get used seeing another girl in his arms. Written in Filipino Highest Rank: 1 ( April 26, 2017 ) Ende...

  • The Science of Spying (Erityian Tribes, #4)
    6.1M 190K 50

    Erityian Tribes Series #4 || Taking spying to an extraordinary level. ( completed )

  • MONTGOMERY 7 : Free Fall
    340K 8.4K 20

    Si Liazabel A. Cabildo, isang babae na may ginintuang puso. Kilala siya hindi lamang sa taglay niyang kabaitan kung hindi dahil na rin sa kung paano niya patakbuhin ang kanyang buhay. She's the youngest daughter of Emil Juan Cabildo, a famous former band vocalist and Isabel Shaina Alcantara, a loving mother who taught...

  • The Peculiars' Tale
    30.5M 924K 97

    She can see the future, her name is Jill Morie. They are Peculiars, they exist. And this is their tale. ***** Jill Morie, the girl who can see the future, never wanted her power and believes that every event in the universe is already determined. Until one day, she decided to interfere with fate to compensate for...

  • Teen Clash (Boys vs. Girls)
    169M 3.4M 76

    Sa Kingdom High kung saan magkakaaway ang mga lalaki at babae, posible bang may mabuong relasyon at pagkakaibigan? (Completed. Published under Pop Fiction.)

    19.5M 635K 62

    More crimes, baffling codes and clues. New mystery, same detectives, different deductions. Join Gray and Amber as well as the other characters in discovering the one and only truth. Detective Files (File 2 of 3) Written by: ShinichiLaaaabs. Must Read: Detective Files. File 1 (COMPLETED) Originally Published: 07/11/16...

  • The Maid's Secret
    4.2M 109K 67

    Rieda Fernandez, who is mostly known as Agent Ishtar, is one of the best agents serving under the Phoenix Organization. A secret agency led by an unknown billionaire which aims to give assistance to the government, to keep the social security and peace, and to offer protection to anyone who needs to protect their live...