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  • Only 70 Years
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    Marvel owns everything! I'm just a fangirl wanting to share my story of their amazing characters! 1945- Bucky and Adeline Barnes, both in the army, expecting their first child when a turn of events spirals life out of control for the both of them. Grace, their one year old daughter is left without a mother and a fathe...

  • Avengers Oneshots and Imagines
    164K 3.1K 43

    Hello! Here are some AvengersXReaders that I've written. Feel free to send any requests. I won't write smut but fluff, angst and all others are accepted! Some of them are AvengersXOC but only a few! Love Y'all Lots! Kate

  • Bucky Barnes One Shots
    1.4M 52.5K 75

    . . . a collection of Bucky Barnes one shots. [ started on 23 January, 2016. ] © savagesociety 2016 __________________ #2 in Fanfiction on 6/8/16.

  • Bucky Barnes Imagines
    831K 17.9K 71

    Here is a collection of Bucky Barnes imagines written by me. I do not own any of the characters nor places that Marvel have created and will never claim so. These imagines are work of fiction. Some may be based on situations that have occurred in the movies or maybe in the comics.

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  • Steve & Bucky Imagines/Preferences
    442K 13K 58

    Bucky and Steve one shots and Preferences based on the cinematic characters. This book is finished. Unfortunately I will not be returning to write in this book. I hope you enjoy it as it is! 🙂 ~Ray

  • Bucky Barnes X Reader One-shots
    150K 1.6K 39

    A series of chapter-long Bucky Barnes X-Reader One-shots. It's in the title really :) A couple will be pre-Winter Soldier (marked with a ~~ ~~ in the title) but most will be after. P.S I re-ordered the chapters so they're in alphabetical order, not chronological so some of the A/N's don't make sense so just ignore t...

  • Avengers Preferences
    1.4M 31.2K 132

    Preferences for Steve, Bucky, Pietro, Loki, Clint, Thor, Tony, Natasha and Wanda *Sorry I didn't do them for Bruce. I was having a particularly hard time writing for/about him and I didn't think I could do him justice.

  • Silver Death
    1M 25.1K 73

    What, never heard of her? Typical. She has more kills than the Winter Solider. She was taken when she was 4 for her powers. When she escaped she decided to keep her name. HYDRA thinks she is dead. They aren't looking for her. When Clint crashes the quinjet in the field beside her yard, she allows them to stay in her...

  • Saving Her | one
    160K 3.9K 26

    Rose Nelson tries to live a normal life when her boyfriend cheats on her. Her apartment door reveals a life-changing decision; taking a dangerous adventure and having someone fix her broken pieces. Book One {EDITING- some chapters may not make sense}

    Completed   Mature