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  • Wrong Number - Prinxiety
    516K 29K 108

    [Completed] Virgil texts a number thinking it's his friend Logan, but it turns out that he accidentally texted the wrong number. Oh well, happens all the time, right? You apologize, wish one another luck, and then go your separate ways, and never speak again. At least, that's what Virgil expects, until one day, the st...

  • (Logically Speaking) Opposites Attract *Logicality*
    41.6K 2.2K 11

    Prince and Anxiety are a couple. Misleading Compliment and Pranks are best friends. So who's left? Morality and Logic, of course. In Logic's opinion, Dad just has too many feelings; they overflow out of him and splash onto everyone else, making them experience emotions as well. Ugh, feelings. The bane of Logan's exist...

  • him
    71.6K 3.3K 32

    what if your dreams.. were reality?

  • By No Logical Reason ( logicality school AU )
    264K 13.1K 43

    By no logical reason would Logan (logic) and Patton (Morality) ever be considered friends let alone anything more than that. In high school people stick to their own groups: nerds or geeks, jocks, musicians, artists, skateboarders, you name it! Nobody ever breaks form their group and mingles with another. Logan is o...

  • The Dark Within ( prinxiety ) [completed]
    315K 11.9K 20

    [completed] "Something's wrong with anxiety..." Prince told to Thomas in concern. "Well I'm not sure what you're talking about... I feel fine. Surely if something were to affect him it would affect me too right? I'm not sure, but now you've even got me worried." -&- Something dark is coming... from deep within... A...

  • Sanders Sides One Shots
    914K 38.4K 205

    Basically what the title says. Trigger warnings, language, bad writing, and life is meaningless. Have a nice day! ? Long Live The Queen™

  • Apartment Mayhem
    168K 7.5K 32

    Sanders Sides fanfic College AU Slow burn Prinxiety and Logicality. As Virgil starts his way through college, he has to find a place to stay as he does so. Oh, look! An open room in a four bedroom apartment. What a coincidence. When he arrives at the apartment, he meets some eccentric characters that might help him al...

  • Forbidden - [ Prinxiety / AnxietyXPrince ]
    241K 12.7K 39

    -[ Completed This was also written BEFORE we found out Morality's and Anxiety's name. Please stop commenting about that. I might change it soon ]- Dark and Light Emotions Can Never Talk To Each Other. It's Been Like That Since The Start Of Time. Some Of Them Live By That Rule, Others Want It To Change. But, Who Know...