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  • I found ➵ book 1
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    "Just because I'm an ice princess, it doesn't mean I don't have a warm heart." - Silveena, the ice princess, is known to be the white witch's daughter. Silveena has never wanted to follow her mother's footsteps, she'd thought that what she's doing is cruel and unnecessary. But once two sons of Adam and two daughters...

  • Menacingly✔️
    20.2M 694K 50

    "Your problem is that your heart is too big, it leaves you vulnerable and makes you weak." He spoke in such certainty that it brought tears to my eyes, because it was the truth. I was vulnerable and delicate, I was weak and let my guard down too much. "You put your heart on your sleeve. You are oblivious to evil and p...

  • Natasha in the 1940's [BEING EDITED]
    116K 3.7K 33

    She did this all for him.

  • Turning Tides (Percy Jackson/HTTYD crossover)
    290K 9.3K 47

    Percy wakes up in a strange forest. It is not the forest in camp. He doesn't know where he is, but at least this time he knows who he is. He hears a shout off in the distance. "Hey! Stop it Bud!" --------------------------------------------------------- I do not own many of these characters. They either belong to...

  • Percy Jackson Shield raised
    267K 7.1K 28

    What happens if Percy was a shield prodigy. He was smart just loses attention in things he knows. His mum died when he was six. Then when he was depressed and at a class trip at the aquarium, he saw a red haired woman running from men. He helped the women. But what he didn't know was the lady followed him. Watched the...

  • (Fem.) Percy meets Spidey
    77.2K 2.5K 25

    Percy Jackson is coming home after a war On her way to her mom and Paul's new apartment she has a chance encounter with a skateboarder Who happens to be Peter Parker, her next door neighbor I don't own you can't sue please hit me with a metal shoe Also this lost the vote So it won't get updated until another book...

  • Quiet Waters (Fem. Percy x Young Justice)
    119K 3.3K 27

    Percy Jackson meets Young justice after the Giant War which I seriously have an issue but I like writing these so I'm not gonna complain too much anyway, you'll figure it out as you go I'm sorry for this crappy description but I'm drained from school and it's a miracle I'm actually writing words and not fhtcjr af j7d...

  • Avengers: Altruism [N. Romanoff]
    23.8K 785 20

    A Hero to the Superheroes. A Hypnotist who sets the bar. A Therapist who raises it. A woman on the run. The day Claire found out her own hero was a fraud, was the day her inspiration was created. Hatred and anger were just temporary solutions to her problem, and she needed something more permanent. A gift that had bee...

  • Flower boy {Soulmate AU}[ON HOLD]
    32.1K 783 8

    Peter Parker is an orphan due to reasons.... One day he gets adopted by Tony Stark And Pepper Stark. When he is introduced to the Avengers he soon realizes his soulmates identities. How will he deal with this?

  • More Than A Shadow.
    4 2 1

    When Robyn's mother goes missing she knows something isn't right. Since her disappearance Robyn has been having strange dreams, receiving threatening messages, and has been being watched. Taking on her new founds dangers may threaten everything that she knows, but what if what she knows has a completely twisted realit...

  • Life | Steve Rogers.
    209K 5.4K 31

    "Biokinesis: The ability to heal, or perform other biological manipulation. A biokinetic can knit tissue together just as easily as he or she can stop a breath, or a heart." Book One of the Selfless Trilogy

  • The Team Meets the Bats
    1.3K 48 2

    The team meeting the Batfam in random circumstances. A series of One-Shots Infrequent Updates I own nothing but Plot

  • One Call Away (Book One of The Unmatched Records)
    97.6K 2.4K 14

    "And remember, if you guys ever need me, I'm just a call away." ~ Kara Danvers, "Invasion!" Prometheus has always been ahead of the Green Arrow during their confrontations, and now he's pushed Oliver to his limit. Oliver's family and friends are at the villain's mercy, locked away where Oliver's crusade began. Without...

  • Protecting the President's Son | ✔️
    8.8M 335K 71

    [Highest Rank: #1 in Teen Fiction] Luna Prescott is a young special agent and Ace Crawford is the President's son. On one eventful day, she gets given the undercover mission to protect the Ace from the 'danger' in Westside High. Will her physical and mental abilities be enough to keep him safe, let alone survive the t...

  • Disney quotes
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    A collection of the best Disney quotes

  • Avatar: The Last Airbender
    4.8K 67 8

    Carly is the middle sister of Prince Zuko and Princess Azula. She is a fierce warrior for the Fire Nation and cares lovingly for her siblings. But when her father begins the war, and Zuko is banished, she runs away. Now she hopes to find the Avatar and her brother and aid to stop her father before everyone dies. Even...

  • Skull Island's Child
    48.9K 1.2K 21

    Carly stars here as a young 7 year old girl who has been stuck on Kong Island when she was very young. Raised by Kong himself. Where he goes. She goes. Then she meets strangers who look like her. She is surprised. Now she must choose.

  • Leave (Captain James Conrad x reader)
    41.4K 1.1K 23

    James Conrad's wife, AKA (Y/n) (L/n) Conrad disappeared without a trace. He was recruited to be a tracker and what will happened if he find his wife on the island? And she wanted him to leave? What's gonna happened?

  • The Girl With the Six Marks (Short Stories)
    23.1K 622 9

    If you haven't read 'The Girl With The Six Marks' then please go read that before this! These are a series of one-shots or short stories about Alyanna and the Avengers. They are made to be cute and funny with a little bit of drama! Please enjoy and feel free to give me any ideas of what you would like to see! Again...

  • AVENGERS: Super Soulmates.
    96.5K 2K 13

    Will Bucky and Steve find their soulmate before HYDRA does? The Avengers are owned by: MARVEL. But the storyline and some of the characters are mine.

  • SoulMate To Twelve
    160K 3.8K 8

    Ellie Melody had thought it all through since she was a kid. She believed that love was just not worth it. She heard the story's and saw the movie and listened to all the songs. For her to think about falling in love with someone terrified her. But in this world people have a soulmate mark and it's a blessing to have...

  • Two Hearts, One Flame. (Zuko love story)
    268K 8.5K 42

    Disclaimer I do not own any of the ATLA characters or settings or plots, just the characters I have made up. Want to give a very special shout out to two people. The first goes to Aranehl from DeviantArt for their beautiful drawing that I'm using as my cover page. The next goes to Soldier's Requiem for her story Journ...

  • The Girl With Six Marks
    739K 18.2K 72

    ***BOOK 2 HAS BEEN PUBLISHED!*** Best Rankings ever: #1 Soulmates #1 Thor #1 BruceBanner #1 Natasharomanoff #1 Blackwidow #1 CaptainAmerica #1 SteveRogers #1Hulk #1 Clintbarton #1 Hawkeye #1 thewintersoldier #1 Action-Romance #1TonyStark #1 Ironman #1 Buckybarnes #1 Marvel #3 Avengers Full Summary: In a world where y...

    Completed   Mature
  • Mormon Quotes
    1.3K 229 69

    Quotes from past General Conferences and present ones. Mormon Quotes: First Presidency, Quorum of The Twelve Apostles, and the Quorum of the Seventy. I honestly don't know what I'm doing with this, but I hope you like the quotes and talks. Thanks to @MarChat3 for helping me with the last 20+ chapters- I would most...

  • Roommates ✔
    151M 3.7M 51

    "Doll face, you might say you hate me, but we both know you think otherwise." He speaks with the annoying smirk plastered on his face and I roll my eyes. "As if," "Babycakes..." "What's up with you and the change in nicknames?" I snap and his smirk stretches. "Feisty now aren't we, sugar." "Just shut up!" "I could, bu...

  • Bad Romance
    187K 6.2K 77

    Something is different! In both of them They don't know what it is or what to do! But an unexpected passion is growing

  • Art Portfolio
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    I keep losing my Art. Also so you guys can (hopefully) enjoy some art. Constructive Criticism is Welcomed and Wanted please.

  • The Last Lioness: As A Juvenile
    32.6K 1.4K 14

    The new male is quite interesting. He looks a bit older than me and I dare not approach him for fear of my life. Me and Amadia have grown into a long friendship. The cubs refer to me as aunty San now. They are adorable. Sometimes I babysit for her while the cubs stay with me I constantly have to be on watch and move d...

  • The Last Lioness: As A Cub
    58.7K 2.6K 11

    Sancha is the last lioness. Her pride was hunted down and destroyed by hunters. There is plenty off food. Along with annoying hyenas, disruptive cheetahs and ignorant leopards. All she needs is someone to care for her. Someone to make her complete again. Someone that wont let her go..... So guys, this is bo...