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  • The Countdown
    26 1 2

    Amidst a devastating invasion, Tomas sees the world around him crumbling. Time is running out and it'll be up to one person to rebuild society, but who will that person be? And how will they rebuild with just one?

  • Mechanical Gods (lgbtq+)
    211K 14.8K 47

    THE YEAR IS 2050. Human-like androids have become integrated into society and every household, becoming part of our daily lives. They look exactly like us from the pigment of their artificial skin to every follicle of their hair. They protect. They serve. They obey. They learn. Tyler North is a struggling young photo...

  • Utopia Volume One
    470 25 15

    Stephanie van Lille, a young teacher moves to Nassau, Bahamas to start English tutoring. While on a boat trip to Long Island, she and her friends get caught in an unimaginable situation which leaves them stranded. Trapped in another realm, in the 1800's, she has to learn to survive while there are few to trust. Her jo...

  • Ardent
    294K 26.3K 52

    {Science Fiction/Romance/Adventure} Draft. It is the year 3014. The galactic inhabitants of the Milky Way know the dangers of the Reso star system. It's gas giant, the planet Plenare, terrorizes any ship that dares to approach. Most travellers don't return, and the few that do are shells of their former selves, babbl...

  • The Aftermath
    1.8K 287 8

    Emma Thomas has known nothing but the struggles of life after the war. The modern world has been completely annihilated. Nature and ruined cities are all that remain. Emma's home of Atlanta has turned into a battleground. The camps and the gangs fight in the growing conflict to maintain territories and supplies. Who...