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  • Loveseat Nights
    43.5K 2.1K 12

    Yesterday, Mona Lieber saw something she shouldn't have. Now she's got an ignorant boy wrapped around her finger, teaching him a lesson about the arts of entertainment. Today, Adrien Finkwell is suffering through 28 nights of classic movies. If he doesn't, one very snarky girl will spill a dark secret of his. They b...

  • Astoria Falls
    15.8K 475 3

    [HIATUS] Astoria Falls was the most frightening, beautiful being that ever walked the earth. At least, that's how twenty year old Conrad Stevens saw her. He was the Ivy League cookie cutter. She was the vagabond artist. He was methodical and she was illogical. And by a small chance, a blemish in their fate, they met a...

  • The Only Girl in the Band
    9M 152K 30

    Vanessa Laine is a college student and aspiring musician. She's got the look and she's got the voice. The only thing that's stopping her is her stage fright...and an opportunity. But opportunity knocks when pop-punk band, The Velocity, holds auditions for a new lead singer at the restaurant that Vanessa works at. Gett...

  • Waist-Deep In Walmart
    10.6M 242K 25

    "As I sat on the toilet, I realized how badass I was being. First of all, I (kind of) broke into Walmart; Second, I was (kind of) plotting to steal toilet paper; and third, I was doing all this while a hurricane was brewing outside." Ellie wanted a quick trip to Walmart to buy some toilet paper for her mom. A minute i...

  • Roses and Black Glass: a dark Cinderella tale (novel preview)
    226K 2.3K 20

    (Now available as an ebook and in print!) A dark retelling of Cinderella in early America. In an age when cutting up dead bodies is considered taboo, Cindy’s father is a mortician. She is happy with their fascinating life, though controversial, until he marries Anna van Burren and two new sisters are brought into the...

  • My Unexpected Abusive Boyfriend
    894K 12K 32

    Katherine is just a normal girl or so she thinks. She has had an on and off crush on Devon Black, the major athlete in her grade. She doesn't know what to think when thet start to talk and he gives her little compliments, but 10th grade is ending and soon, but they do date. Devon might seem sweet at first but Katheri...

  • Taint
    3.1K 79 4

    Thea (Thay-uh) was raped. Plain and simple, at least that's how she sees it. Not wanting to shame her family, she doesn't tell anybody. Why would she want to put the weight of her secret on anyone else's shoulders? Everything changes though when someone from before that fateful summer day arrives. Kale. Discharged an...

  • Forces of Nature
    2.9M 51.8K 38

    While in the E.R. at Mercy Hospital, Noah meets a strange boy by the name of Tyson, who seems to be a walking contradiction. On the outside he seems cold and distant, yet when he sees Noah in the waiting room with her hand bleeding, he comes over to help her and stays by her side the whole time. When they part that ni...