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  • The Coffee Pact
    5.7M 199K 39

    The only thing Mia Hope has in common with Jake Carpenter, Artwood High's most popular quarterback, is a love for the coffee served at The Coffee Pod. He wants her to tutor him - and if she can do it without a single cup of coffee, he'll pay her triple. Easy. Nothing could go wrong, right? ...

  • Marked [Beast Boy x Raven (BBRae) Fanfic]
    237K 507 2

    "Strong demons need mates to help control their powers, mine was your mother. But she would try to take full control and won't even let me use them." he growled angrily. He sighed then continued, "Which means you'll have a mate too. But if you aren't getting marked by him until you're eighteen, you'll slowly wither aw...

  • The University Years
    145K 5.4K 48

    Book 1 in The University Years Trilogy --- Robyn is 18 years old and lives in London. Studying at university is what she's looked forward to all her life, but when she happens to share a dorm with Thomas Brodie-Sangster, will she realise she has feelings for him? And what happens when her best friend feels the same wa...