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  • Red vs. Blue: Season 1; Male OC
    1.2K 30 7

    The story you love, with a little addition to your favorite cast. Meet Lance Corporal Kai Jones, one of the latest additions to red team. But is there more to him then he lets on? story will contain bad language because RvB. I own nothing but my OC, Kai. Red vs. Blue is owned by Rooster Teeth.

  • Red Vs Blue Season 4 (RVB x F Reader X Male OC)
    5.7K 174 23

    Wade, (Y/N) and the Reds and Blues are separated again but now we have a talking bomb with an alien ready to fuck shit up. Who knew? RvB is by Rooster Teeth Wade by me (Y/N) by you.

  • Red vs Blue: Agent Rhode Island
    49.7K 650 20

    |Book I| Agent Rhode Island (Just call him Rhode) is the new recruit for Project Freelancer. After his parents were killed by an Insurrectionist soldier with a shark helmet, Rhode joined the project and climbed his way up to the good life of a Freelancer. Unfortunately, life and the project had other plans. Hints of A...

  • Red vs Blue: Agent Rhode Island: Origins [ON HOLD]
    13.5K 171 17

    |Book 0| You know why he's here... But you don't know everything about HOW he's here... Everyone has a story... All heroes have an origin. This is how Ryan Bellator became a Freelancer, Agent Rhode Island. Agent Carolina x OC Hints of Agent North Dakota x OC Hints of Agent Washington x OC Prequel to Season 9's flashba...

  • Agent Arizona: Season 17
    862 9 1

    Donut failed. Time has rewritten itself because of Chrovos and Genkins. Now it's up to him and Zone, to fix time and rewrite history as it was before. Or else the entire galaxy, even the universe, will be erased forever.

  • A New World
    2.9K 60 10

    After waking from a long sleep of 200 years in a stasis pod, Rex Marcus Wolford must find out what has happened to his wife. Along the way he finds more men like him who have no idea what's happened and lost someone they care for as well. Together they must band and survive the Covenant, the Flood, and anything else i...

  • Red vs Blue x F! reader x Male OC
    9.2K 128 20

    The reds and blues are back as well with (Y/N) and Wade but now the adventure will take place past, present, and the dumb future.

  • Agent Arizona: Season 16
    8.3K 92 16

    After stopping Temple and the Blues and Reds from destroying Earth, the Sim Troopers and Freelancers have decided to take a breather with some pizza in the mix. But when Donut returns saying he has seen God, adventure and peril continue for the Reds and Blues. Now they are fighting against actual livings gods!

  • Agent Alaska Personal files
    3.5K 109 18

    Season 6-10 done

  • War can be a Son Of A Bitch
    16.9K 277 92

    Agent Alaska with the company of Agent Washington and Reds and Blues are stranded in a desolated planet after their UNSC ship mysteriously crashed now some of them are having issues and Agent Arizona meets two old fellas he thought were gone

  • Agent Arizona: Season 15
    13.7K 169 20

    Chorus had finally stopped its ongoing war for years, thanks to the Reds and Blues. But now it seems that for some unknown reason, the Sim Troopers of Blood Gulch have gone rogue. Freelancers have been disappearing and UNSC bases have been attacked by the heroes who brought down Project Freelancer. Now it's up to a ne...

  • Agent Arizona: The War of Chorus
    40.8K 721 48

    Project Freelancer is finally gone, no evil AIs, no rogue agents, and the Director brought down. The Reds and Blues were on their way home to relaxation. Until for some unexpected reason their ship crashes and they find themselves thrust into another adventure between two opposing factions fighting one another on a pl...

  • Short RvB Ficlets
    23.9K 820 85

    A collection of short, long, and everything in between RVB fanfiction This book is currently on hiatus but has lots of chapters to enjoy! 😄

  • Agent Arizona: Season 10
    20.3K 307 16

    Carolina, she was back. The only girl Zone had ever fallen for, was back. And she was mad beyond anything Zone had ever seen her become. She was out for revenge, and Zone stood right beside her on that, but as they travel on to find the location of the Director, Zone begins to realize Carolina really has changed. And...

  • Agent Arizona: Recollection
    25.4K 378 19

    After reuniting unexpectedly with his father, Zone figured he might as well lay low for a while with his father's Team at Val Halla after the events of Freelancer. But little does Zone realize that one's past always has a problem of catching up with him. What will happen to the former Spartan V and his artificial inte...

  • R(WBY)ed vs Blue: New Colors
    65.9K 1.1K 65

    Red vs Blue and RWBY are both products of the company Rooster Teeth Cover Art is by SaintAsh on DeviantArt You belong to yourself Literally nothing belongs to me

    Completed   Mature
  • Agent Arizona: Man or Machine?
    57.9K 673 23

    After the Great War between Humanity and the Covenant, we were at peace. The Elites had made a truce with Humanity and all was well, except for Rex Marcus Wolford. He was a man that couldn't cope with inaction. So he enlisted in a project for highly trained, skilled men and women. Codename: Project Freelancer. What ad...

  • Red vs blue x male oc (season 1) [finished]
    28.6K 404 20

    The starting point of the adventures of the Blood Gulch crew with a 15 year old boy that has little to no background, what kind of character is Wade going to be with him on the Red Team and what would happen if he meets Tex. Read and find out. Red vs blue belongs to rooster teeth and my oc belongs to me

  • Red vs Blue x F!reader x male OC (season 2)
    17.5K 231 21

    The sequel to (Red vs Blue x male OC) Wade is back with the same red and blue soldiers, now a new medic is coming to Blood Gulch and a new blue female soldier that might have something for Wade. Red vs Blue belongs to rooster teeth You belong to you My OC belongs to me Inspired by @uhhrandomusername