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  • You Don't Get Me High Anymore [slow updates]
    47 8 3

    They've ditched college, they've ditched their meaningless jobs, and now they're touring together in a van. It wasn't the best idea Gerard had had, but it gave them a purpose and they were all exceptionally excited about it.
Though it obviously wasn't the rockstar life they would have preferred - especially for Gerard...

  • Call Me Zero [on hold]
    347 54 8

    In which Gerard is a cyborg created by BL/I. He was created as a weapon to destroy the Killjoys, who hide out in the City. After trying to take down BL/I, a particular Killjoy called Frank happens to take to BL/I's creation in the lab and decides to switch it on. And that was possibly the worst mistake ever made. {Fre...

  • Break The Law For Me
    220 41 13

    Frank is on his last year of high school and fear of failure is really taking a toll. He thinks he's going to have to go through it alone when his friends begin to drift away, but he finds solace in the new art teacher, Mr Way. 
Gerard dived in to a big career head first and he's starting to regret it when the job is...

  • Chalk Outline
    493 82 8

    {Completed} "You left me here like a chalk outline, on the side walk, waiting for the rain to wash away." Bert only liked Gerard because he did drugs with him, he was easy to manipulate. That was the reason Gerard's addictions got so bad. To the point of damage. He was angry when Gerard wanted to quit, but he wouldn'...

    Completed   Mature
  • nerves.
    4 2 1

    Frank gets tired of watching Gerard pine from a distance.

    Completed   Mature
  • For Mikey.
    20 4 2

    Mikey had a condition. He couldn't take BLI's precious pills without puking his guts out. So they took him away. Gerard spent five years trying to figure out where he was before he got his first lead. idek if anyone uses wattpad anymore?? lol. um... no romance planned, no smut, just an a story. I'm on ao3 as well so d...

  • Guardian Angel Or Devil's Advocate [SLOW UPDATES]
    423 29 5

    Frank Iero is a special kid. But his new classmate Zero, well he is something else. TRIGGER WARNING! This book contains scenes with graphic imagery, smut and murder.

  • dιѕencнanтed. ♡ ғrerard
    297 28 7

    It's been three years since Gerard Way died. Three years since he joined and became the leader of the Black Parade. Three years since he changed. Frank Iero spent those three years mourning and grieving the loss of his boyfriend. . Gerard Way was the neighbourhood sweetheart. He dedicated his life to becoming an art...

  • Hide And Seek ~ Frerard
    72 17 9

    Frank Iero is new to the job of private detective. Most people avoid him because of his lack of experience. However the Way family decided to put their trust and the fate of the oldest Way son in Frank's hands.

  • Christmas Is for Lovers | Frerard Oneshot
    1.2K 133 1

    "I sort of-" Frank takes a deep breath, looks up, then swiftly drops his gaze again. "I sort of told her I have a boyfriend." A (late) holiday oneshot.

  • The Scene Is Dead | Frerard AU
    5.6K 675 6

    Gerard says, "I'm spearheading a new solo alternative project, and you're perfect for it. I want to record your album." Normally, this is the part in the conversation where the other person chokes on their drink, or in some unfortunate cases, spits it everywhere. Something more than just staring blankly, certainly. Bu...

  • ι never тold yoυ wнaт ι do ғor a lιvιng ♡ ғrerard
    48 10 1

    Gerard tried. Trigger warnings: -blood -death

  • Save Me
    6.5K 1.3K 96

    The abduction continues, but now Frank's left with only one of his kidnappers... or is he? This is the sequel to 'Shoot Me' Enjoy!

  • Frerard ~ Back To Me
    1.5K 144 19

    Frank's dead. Well not really, not since the first chapter anyway. Gerard and Mikey uncover forgotten and repressed secrets about their family in order to get Frank back from the one person who has more power than God; their father.

  • Vibration | Frerard
    228 37 10

    ❝Let's restore your hope. Let's bring back your passion.❞

  • The Madness of Mania (Frerard AU)
    688 50 12

    Frerard AU Gerard didn't have a care in the world, even after killing and being admitted to a mental asylum. He obsessed over death and cared about no one...or so he thought. "I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity." - Edgar Allan Poe WARNING: Morbid/Gore/Graphic depictions of death/Smut/Death/Blood/D...

  • Dear Gerard
    34.4K 1.5K 27

    Dear Gerard, I am sorry for everything.

  • You Promised Me You Were Okay!
    597 14 49

    British transfer student Kemi Adeboye has to find a way to survive her next few years of high school living in Belleville, New Jersey. Sounds easy until she meets a little group of teenagers she'll remember as 'My Chemical Romance' and the best/worst damn idea she'd ever heard of. Plus a few others.

  • Frerard : Never Let Them Take The Light Behind Your Eyes
    63.7K 1.8K 12

    Frank Iero meets Gerard way after bumbling into him in the school hall way, it all starts from there, the budding romance, Frank decides that he so desperately wants him! But will Gerard feel the same? He's not even gay... Is he?

  • Roommates
    63.4K 3.4K 11

    Frank Iero gets a new dorm room at the Art And Music College in New York. But does he get a dorm to his own, or not? Sometimes he wonders "I'm not alone."