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  • The University Years
    129K 5.2K 48

    Book 1 in The University Years Trilogy --- Robyn is 18 years old and lives in London. Studying at university is what she's looked forward to all her life, but when she happens to share a dorm with Thomas Brodie-Sangster, will she realise she has feelings for him? And what happens when her best friend feels the same wa...

  • My Flashlight
    41.7K 1.5K 39

    Book 2 in The University Years Trilogy --- With Thomas' acting career taking off after he lands the role of Newt in The Maze Runner, things seem to be going really well for him and Robyn Wood. But when Thomas hits some serious crossroads, will he make the right decision? And what happens when some unfavoured character...

  • Our Song
    41.2K 1.5K 31

    Book 3 in The University Years Trilogy --- It's almost been a year since their engagement, and Robmas is still going strong. After filming for The Scorch Trials, Thomas is finally coming home. Robyn hasn't seen him for almost five months, and can't wait to be in his arms again. With the wedding just on the horizon, wh...

  • What If
    72.2K 3K 42

    Thomas Brodie Sangster, a photographer, lives on his own in London. But when he meets mysterious journalist, Taylor Brooks, what will happen between the two? Will there be sparks, or will there be mess?

  • What About Now
    60.6K 3.3K 56

    Sequel to What If --- It's been three years since Taylor Brooks moved to New York. She's left her family, her friends, and her ex-boyfriend Thomas Brodie-Sangster behind. But after things don't go according to plan with her life in New York, with her new job and new boyfriend, Taylor comes home to London, to find that...

  • There's Only Us {Thomas Brodie Sangster Fanfic}
    143K 3.7K 45

    Amelia Grayson has always had a love for acting, but short films and appearances just weren't enough to get to where she wanted in her career. So what happens when she gets her first major role in, "The Maze Runner" as Teresa? Who will she meet? What crazy adventures will she make with her new cast members/friends? Wi...

  • Feelings (ThomasBrodieSangster x Reader)
    1.3K 18 11

    A story of you. A strong girl that has to face different kind of hurtful situations. Will you have a happy ending just like all the fairytales do? Or will you lose the battle of your own feelings? -I'm not that great at English. I'm sorry for any grammar error and some broken english-