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  • Crown The Heir
    10 2 3

    "The prophecy reads in the most strict of words, for this prophecy was destined to be true, a boy and a girl would fall in love and it would save the universe..." Dexter Lim grew up wealthy. For as long as he could remember, if he wanted it he got it. Now, groomed to run the family empire, Dexter has decided he will s...

  • V
    306 34 16

    Hot gay vampires. What could be better?

  • Septic Thoughts
    62 2 5

    The unexpected journey of a boy by the name of Gabe who is rescued from space travelling trolls by a septic warrior.

  • Speckles: After Adult Hood
    189 8 6

    The life of Speckles the tarbosaurus after losing his family twice.