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  • The Art of Highschool
    446 62 7

    Being a seventeen year old is hard enough, coupled with your parent's expectations, navigating senior year (boys included) and an intense obsession with being student body president. Adanna thought she had it all figured out, but lately, with the heat being turned on by her Nigerian parents and an extremely turbulent...

  • Training To Be A Jackass
    2.4K 339 44

    ❝Teach me.❞ ❝Teach you what?❞ ❝Teach me how to be a bad boy.❞ Elias Rodriguez has a crush on a certain cheerleader (since forever), but she has a thing for bad boys, not chemistry nerds. Lucky for him, the cheerleader's best friend offers to coach him on how to be one. Will it work out for him or will he find love in...

  • #AskAmy (Viral, #1) ✔
    4.5M 395K 65

    BLACK MIRROR meets PRETTY LITTLE LIARS in this multimedia thriller where an anonymous advice website gets hacked and the dark origins of the site start to come to light. (shortlisted for the 2017 wattys, #1 in mystery/thriller)

    40.4K 5K 75

    * A Wattpad Editors' Pick (Spring /2019) * FOURTEEN-YEAR-OLD Myles is having a rough time. Not only has his mother run off with Jocelyn, her yoga instructor, but his dad has moved the two of them to a remote island to live in a log cabin. Does he think he is going to reinvent himself as some kind of mountain man? Myle...

  • Bulletproof
    47.8M 1.3M 45

    When Franny learns why former popular boy Tyler fell from grace, she gets thrown head-first into his dangerous world but also closer to his timid heart. ***** Eighteen-year-old Tyler Madden used to have everything. He was captain of the football tea...

  • Very Original Wattpad Story | ✓
    82.1K 4.7K 7

    [Completed + Co-Written With ClemLucian] "You have to choose one of us," he grunted at me, his tall figure looming high, making me feel inferior in his presence as he took a few steps towards me. "But you're making a mistake if you don't choose me," he whispered seductively into my ear, causing a shiver to shoot down...

  • High School Hit List (CLIQUE BAIT)
    18.3M 924K 60

    **Officially published as Clique Bait with HarperTeen!** Payment is usually a part of a basic transaction. You give and then you take. But, at Arlington Preparatory, people take at their leisure. They take their entertainment in the form of humiliation. They get what they want at the expense of their pawns. But they n...

  • ARROWHEART (The Love Curse)
    12.1M 9.6K 11

    STARTED ON WATTPAD AND NOW IT'S A PUBLISHED BOOK! A Greek God that's made a terrible mistake. Girls with the power to kiss the boys and make them cry. And a love that's doomed to fail... GET YOUR COPY OF ARROWHEART TODAY: The gods are gone. The people have forgotten them. But 16...