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  • Veiled.
    4K 337 15

    "It all started with a ghoonghat.." Four individuals tied to each other by threads of fate. An arranged marriage. One haveli. And multiple hijinks including but not limited to secret rendezvous, case of mistaken identities, ill-timed crushes, and an elopement. Oh, and a secret that could ruin it all. What could possib...

  • Suniyein! (Listen!)
    44 5 1

    "Listen" in English. "Suniyein" in Urdu. Both mean the same thing. To listen is to pay attention to sound. For most people, it's one of the easiest things to do. You know it from birth, it's just instinct. But not for Alaya. She has to live with the constant moving of mouths in an impatient manner as they try to get h...

  • Unruffled Faith(ISLAMIC STORY)✔
    3.6K 609 27

    Meet Mahir Hassan. Apparently he has everything, from looks to brain. There's still something missing in his life. What will happen when he meets another person of his age but different thoughts? What will that person teach him which will finally illuminate his heart? Will we see a bond forming? . . . Yahya Ahmad. Des...

  • We Found Love
    2.5K 279 10

    Aslam u alaikum guys! Thankyou for tapping the read button and stumbling upon my story! This is Zee here and "We found Love" is my very first project and will always be very close to my heart!

  • Baazi - Ishq Di [COMPLETED]
    42.5K 3.4K 44

    "yeh Nikkah deal hai yaad rahey?" "Farz karo iss baazi mein dono ya koi ek haar gya toh! " "Game over !" _____________________ "Tumhey kia ho gya hai Safoorah?" "Koi meri Rooh le gya hai!" Woh baiawaaz aansu baha rahi thi. _____________________ "Tum zindagi ko itna seriously kyoun leti ho?" "Tum nai letey?" "Nai...

  • The Real Destination [ Completed ]
    1.3K 203 18

    Ignorance to our religion and our norms is considered to be modernism and a stereotype has been set, through this story i want to change the mindsets and i hope this has a positive impact on your lives. Also, this is my first story so bear with the mistakes. Happy Reading :)

  • The Leaves of November | Complete✔
    3.4K 487 16

    A love story through the words of a man whose life turns upside down after one fateful accident. His love, loss and the journey beyond

  • We Were Destined To Be.
    1.1K 128 11

    Will you marry me? Yes I will be a good husband I promise. *Long dead silence* Do you love me? Yes I love you too. *Long dead silence* I don't want to lose this opportunity. You will drop it. I don't let things go easily you don't know my strength. And there it falls all sinking in water. Their eyes met. *Long dead si...

  • Tu Shab Main Subha
    2.9K 437 16

    there comes a time when you meet someone and all you want to do is make them happy for the rest of your life But life has its own plan for you. Sometimes it's best to just let go and let things happen.

  • Holding A Butterfly [COMPLETED]
    20.2K 1.6K 35

    Sometimes in life, your thoughts becomes a black out. Failures pour deep down in your soul and ultimately your heart is held with grieves. Even if everything is worth it to say Alhamdulilah, you lose the spark of your eyes and charm of your breaths. You lose your confidence. You lose your motivation. Rejections makes...

  • Zindagi Ke Khel |Completed|
    5.4K 580 18

    "Kya apko Abdullah Zulfiqar se nikkah qubool hai?" "Qubool hai" "Wo beshak chand ho ya usper laga grehan mein phir bhi usey muhabbat karoon gi" "Mein burey kaam karne wala acha insaan ho" "Kab tak qaid kar ke rakho gey mujhey?" "Tumarey begair aur jaoun ga bhi kaha?" Zindagi inkey sath bohat se khel kheley gi aur naja...