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  • The Porn Star - LGBT, manXman - FREE EXCERPT
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    Alexander Oxford makes adult films. He's one of the highest-paid stars ever employed by Digital Movie Studios. But he hates his work. He feels dirty, un-clean, sullied by the films he makes. And he's lonely. Men expect so much from him when they realise he has sex for a living. As a result, Alex has pulled away from d...

  • Cats and Dogs - LGBT, boyXboy - FREE EXCERPT
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    After the Great Experiments in 2020s, 'pure' humans were driven almost to the point of extinction, leaving various subspecies of human-animal hybrids to flourish. Scarred by a horrific past, and nursing a deep hatred of the dog-hybrids Cameron is reluctant to let Luke get close to him. But Luke is kind, and persiste...

  • The Discover Yourself Set - FREE EXCERPTS
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    The first 10% of each of my published works in the Discover Yourself Set, about discovering, exploring and accepting sexuality. Excerpts include: 10% of Oscar 10% of Aaron and Philip 100% of Playing the Game 10% of Blind Love All of these books are available for purchase from the Amazon international stores, Smashword...