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  • Changing Rein (Complete)
    9.7K 254 23

    Lexi Davies has landed a dream job as rider at a professional stud in England. Everything is perfect, she has amazing horses a great boss and her best friend works with her just to top it all off. Could her history with the boss's son send that all tumbling down around her?

  • KingsWood Academy
    61.5K 2.3K 22

    Sam Fredrick and her dark bay Thoroughbred/Dutch warmblood mix, Apollo, have enrolled in a prestigious school called KingsWood Academy. Sam's biggest concern is just to fit in, don't cause trouble, and make some friends. Will she be able to or will she be one of those friendless girls with the only guy in her life bei...

  • The Boden Boys
    78.7K 3.4K 27

    ❝There's a difference between love and lust, sometimes it can be hard to tell the difference, but it's definitely there, Ten.❞ He looked at me for a while before pulling me into a hug, his head resting atop mine before he mumbles. ❝This, for example, is love.❞ [find the full synopsis inside - or surprise yourself.] Hi...

  • The Little Grey Mare (Completed)
    83K 2.9K 36

    I don't usually share my story with people. In fact I have not talked to a human in 3 years sense my parents died. And you may ask what happened to them, but that's for another day, you may also ask why talk to humans in the first place? Well if you can't already tell, I Cara Winters am a horse shifter.

  • Runaway Horse
    568K 24K 40

    #1 in Adventure 6/16/2015 Taylor Evans, a foster child, has been planning her runaway for a while now. Ever since her parents died when she was 6, she's been moved from foster home to foster home, and she's sick of it. So she runs away, train hopping until she gets far enough away. When she gets off, she realized...

  • The Pierce Brothers
    98K 2.3K 26

  • Rookie {Completed}
    65.4K 2.6K 29

    Isabelle Neele has not been loved for a long part of her life. Abused and abandoned by her parents, Isabelle is shipped to an orphanage where she is adopted by a wealthy family. She soon finds out that her adoptive mother used to be and Olympic Rider, sparking Isabelle's interest in horses. She gets signed up for le...

  • Blue {Completed}
    58.5K 2.3K 33

    Hayley Barnes lives on a horse ranch with her brother, father and mother. They all have horses except for her. Luckily, a mustang round up happens and she gets to save one horse. But, before the round up, her brother leaves to get a degree in becoming a Ferrier. Going through a dramatic event, and finding someone inte...

  • Wild and Free
    16.7K 702 18

    16 year old Rebecca lives on her dad's huge farm, when a wild horse comes in, Rebecca finds a connection with the mare. Can Rebecca tame her or will she always be wild?

  • Horse Breeds
    115K 3.6K 85

    This is a book about Horse Breeds, feel free to comment about any horse breed :)

  • Free Rein - The Equestrian life
    6.1K 143 5

    When Scarlett is given a talented Dutch warmblood mare she is unsure what to do. But they progress quickly and are soon competing in the show jumping circuit. Follow Scarletts story of the highs and lows of being a competitive equestrian.

  • Burning Desire
    73.5K 3.6K 42

    For Madison Evans, success in the harsh world of eventing has always been a distant dream; ambitions of competing at the infamous Rolex Kentucky Horse Trials being stashed in several horses who've never quite carried her to the victory she craves. For years, she's trained at the prestigious Belmont Equestrian Centre t...

  • Silver Opportunity | #wattys2019
    9.7K 698 33

    WATTYS 2019 Emily Martin, your typical seventeen-year-old girl. well, kind of. For the past fourteen years, she's been living with her aunt, Hannah, who just happens to breed and train some of Florida's finest horses. Emily's life had always been low-key and normal. That is until her aunt inherits the largest, most pr...

  • To Let Go
    4.5K 298 25

    13 year old Samantha has loved and competed on horses for as long as she could remember. So when she gets accepted into the world's most elite equestrian academy, she couldn't be more pleased! However, with a top notch equestrian academy like Chesterfield, there is no doubt the work would be hard, but how hard is too...

  • All my faults (Working Title)
    2K 132 19

    Shay just got her dream job, working for her mentor and idol on a professional showjumping yard in Germany. It also happens to be the perfect escape from the hellish aftermath of her break up with James Harrington. She has been the focus of gossip for six months, ever since she walked out and broke the golden boy's he...

  • Platinum Wings Academy
    9.7K 440 24

    She Thought It Would Be Easy . Emma Eaststone is a rich, beautiful, and sassy 13 year old girl who is attending a new school, Platinum Wings Academy, in Prestonsburg, Kentucky. She thought everything would go great on the first day, but not really. As time goes on Emma finds her self in the middle of things she never...

  • MSRA ↠ Back Again
    12.4K 726 31

    (Junior Year: Book Two) COMPLETED After waiting all summer to return to the academy and see her friends, Kathleen Whitmore returns to the academy to realize that things aren't as they seem. After an easy sophomore year, Kat isn't expecting anything less - until she realizes that everything isn't as she left them. By d...

  • MSRA ⇢ Starting New
    18.5K 921 25

    - Read 'Maple Stream Riding Academy' FIRST! (Sophomore Year: Book One) COMPLETED After Cami Taylor's almost fatal accident at Maple Stream Riding Academy, the academy shut down for five years to review safety issues, student problems, and to update the facility. Now, as the academy reopens, sophomore Kathleen Whitmore...

  • Stone Creek Academy: Faith
    40.9K 2.4K 32

    Regina Rowanson has trained in the equestrian art of show jumping since before she could walk. She and her horse, Sonic Seventeen, have competed in some of the country's biggest events. As one of the top juniors in the US, there's a meager few competitions she hasn't won. But all of that will change. Stone Creek Acade...

  • Red Oak Academy Book One: Mount Up
    40.2K 1.9K 38

    When 15 year old Rilee Black was accepted into one of the most prestigious academies in the State of Kentucky she is looking forward to it. The academy has an intense academic reputation as well as a famed equestrian program. Rilee is excited to go to the academy but when she gets there it's not what she expects. Inst...

  • Saddling Up {thewattys2015}
    34.2K 1.5K 25

    Welcome to Windsor Preparatory, Where some People fail and Others shine. Windsor Preparatory isn't just known across the world for it's excellence in academics, It's also known to produce famous equestrians from all over the world. Only the most skilled riders and and the most deserving students are asked to attend th...

  • Silverstone: Perfection is Not Enough
    68.6K 3.5K 30

    ~Book One of the Silverstone Series~ Silverstone Horse Riding Academy. It's the dream of every young rider. Over three quarters of the students who attend will go on to become professionals. Olympic show jumpers. International dressage riders. Three day eventers. Every year, one student is pick...

  • Flying Change
    6.6K 250 21

    Lexi is living the dream, a stable full of horses, a wonderful boyfriend and a burgeoning career, but will new characters with old grudges derail her chances of winning?

  • Belvedere
    901 28 5

    “Maybe. It was all maybes, ifs and buts; nothing was going to bring him back. Nothing. Jenson is gone and he is never coming back. “ Natalie Reynolds. At the young age of 17, was a rising star in the equestrian world. Everything was going to plan before her whole world came crashing down when her beloved horse, Jensen...

  • Book 1: Blightwell Equestrian Academy: The Start
    615 26 7

    Abbie Daylon is about to step into a completely new life, the life of private school... Even her million dollar horse gets outshone here... How will she cope?

  • Endeavor
    836 52 5

    Maya Sander breaths horses, and has been riding since she was 3 years old. At 16 years old, she rides at Cedar Field Stables and teaches lessons and trains horses. Maya is one of the most advanced riders at her barn, and has always wanted a horse to call her own. She finally gets the chance to buy her own horse, and d...

  • Nova
    244 20 7

    They were like fire and ice, night and day, yin and yang. Complete opposites but something tied two of racing's greatest legends together. The love of one teenager was what two half siblings shared and together under her care they both thrived. He was the dangerous colt with a personality that rivaled the infamous per...

  • Flying high
    1.3K 38 5

    Lani Hershwood is a normal 14 year old girl until she meets Blue, a troubled young thoroughbred gelding. Horse of the year is the biggest horse event in NZ will the young team make it?...

  • Cross Creek Equestrian Academy (Completed)
    12.4K 439 28

    Cross Creek Equestrian Academy is one of the most prestigious riding schools in the United States. It accepts only the most elite riders in the country. - Blaire Grant is a seventeen year old girl living life with her mom in southern Illinois. She fell in love with riding at the age of six and never looked back. - Whe...

  • Equestrians VS. Non-Equestrians
    151K 9.2K 56

    Non-horse person: Hey wanna hear a joke? Me: okay Person: Why couldn't the pony stop coughing? Me: idk why? Person: Because he was Person: A little horse! Me: That's about as accurate as you are funny. #1 in Equestrian, #1 in Non-Equestrian (not sure if this is an insult or an achievement...) Cover by: @_DEMiiGODDESS_