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  • M*A*S*H quotes
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    Quotes from the second best show in the world M*A*S*H is a show about a mobile army surgical hospital during the Korean War All rights belong to the creators of M*A*S*H

  • Crazy For You (Yandere Chan x Fem! Reader) [DISCONTINUED]
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    You meet a girl named Ayano Aishi and after you do strange things start happening...what's going on? Uncompleted ART IS NOT MINE!! CREDIT TO ORIGINAL OWNER. IF YOU DO NOT WANT YOUR ART FEATURED IN MY BOOK PLEASE CONTACT AND I WILL REMOVE YOUR ART AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

  • Yandere Love Letters.
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    Dear Darling, This is a little collection of love letters, written JUST FOR YOU!! From all of your very favorite yanderes!

  • Danganronpa Girlfriend Preferences And Scenarios (discontinued)
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    Welcome to my first book! (On this account anyway) Here we celebrate the gays and the guys who love this lot just as much as I do I'll try to keep the reader as gender neutral as possible unless told otherwise! Other than that, Enjoy!

  • Yandere Love Stories.
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    Yandere x Reader Love stories, Letters, and Poems.

  • Yuri's True Passion (Yandere Yuri x Male Reader, NSFW)
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    Title says most of it. EXTREME BDSM Themes; don't like, don't read!

  • Don't drop the soap (Yandere prison x female reader)
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    A young woman gets locked up for graffiti and soon the is the center of attention for the whole prison, even the guards. But as time progress she can't help but notice most the people she takes a liking to keep ending up getting attacked or leaving jail early. "Oh shit!" "Kick her ass Drea, she flirting with yo girl!"...

  • Reader(male or fem)x Yuriddlc oneshots *DDLC*
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    I can get bored of writing stories, so here's some oneshots. I don't own any of the characters, nor am I associated with Team Salvato. The cover art is also not mine; but I plan on making some in the future. Also; I've named the main character Alex or Aleesha because I know seeing Y/N or MC can be off-putting; it just...

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  • Game Over || DDLC ♤
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    Just Yuri. Just Yuri. Just Yuri. Just Yuri. Just Yuri. Just Yuri. Just Yuri. Just Yuri. Just Yuri. Just Yuri. Just Yuri. Just Yuri. Just Yuri. Just Yuri. Just Yuri. Just Yuri. Just Yuri. Just Yuri. Just Yuri. Just Yuri. Just Yuri. Just Yuri. Just Yuri. Just Yuri. Just Yuri. Just Yuri. Just Yuri. Just Yuri. Just Yuri...

  • Yuri One Shots ;)
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    If you're les and single and a weeb. Read my book. ;) Nah jk~ Enjoy;)

  • Heather Chandler x Depressed female reader
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    And so I have this story on my quotev and I'm really proud of it

  • Yandere Series
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    A Sequel to the Yandere Files. this time We will have not only Male readers. but Female even Same-gender If you request of course. I won't have any restrictions this time. Don't worry I swear I'll take it easy...

  • Love Bites [DDLC | Yuri]
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    [ modern!au yuri x female!reader ] You were a varsity soccer player for your school, and you felt bad when you almost killed a girl who was reading a book. The thing was, she was extremely cute, and you didn't want to keep assaulting her with a soccer ball just to get her attention.

  • DDLC Girlfriend Scenarios (GxG)
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    DDLC Girlfriend Scenarios Includes Characters Such As: -Sayori -Monika -Natsuki -Yuri

  • Get The Point Yuri x Reader DDLC
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    I DON'T OWN ANY CHARACTERS Yuri is obviously best girl so I decided to try to write something, I've never really written an extended story before just letting you know but I'll try my best. Disclaimer: Just like DDLC it contains sensitive topics will probably use inappropriate language and most obviously...

  • Deep and romantic (yuri DDLC x Fem! reader)
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    This is my first fanfic so plz don't hate ;-;

  • Sander Sides Yandere AU
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    Cover art by @Sorta_Clean In the works, me and my comrade have decided to make a book... about the sanders sides as Yanderes.....Most of them as Yanderes... we're strange. Enjoy! (Also there's multiple Yanderes, so watch out for that) #1 in Receit June 17th 2020

  • Sanders Sides Smut One-Shots REQUESTS CLOSED
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    A collection of dirty short stories involving the Sanders Sides. WARNING!!! This is extremely mature material!

  • Thomas x Virgil
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    this story is about Thomas Sanders and Virgil Sanders and they start to have feelings for each other and Virgil is one of the Sanders sides

  • Mean Girls~Sanders Sides AU
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    Basically the story of mean girls but Virgil is Cady, Roman is Aaron, Logan is Janis and Patton is Damien. Deciet is Regina, Picani is Gretchen, and Remy is Karen. Updated on Saturday's

  • Yandere! Sanders Sides X reader (oneshots, scenarios, preferences and more!)
    34.6K 583 35

    This is a x reader yandere! Sanders sides book where anything can be requested except smut unless I saw I'm okay with writing it. This has some triggering or disturbing stuff in, so be warned, warnings will be on the chapters as well.

  • Mine- A Yandere Logan Story (Logicality)
    16.6K 1.1K 29

    Patton sighed, placing his phone on the lunch table in front of him. He turned to look at his best friend, Logan, who was sitting beside him. "Joe isn't responding to my texts.. and he still isn't at school today. I'm worried about him. What do you think happened?" Logan places a comforting hand on Patton's shoulder...

  • Constricting. (Yandere deceit x Virgil)
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    (Warning, this book does not have a healthy relationship and its mostly one sided.) Let me breathe, let me breathe. Stop choking me. wanna be free, wanna be free. Let go of me! I want to be alone, I want to be alone. Stop touching me! ------ Contains some prinxeity and other ships, duh deceit needs victims to kill! ...

    Completed   Mature
  • Snap out of it. (Anxceit.)
    8.3K 427 21

    (Warning, this book does not have a healthy relationship and its mostly one-sided.) -Takes place after constricting- ------------------------------------------- SNAP OUT OF IT SNAP OUT OF IT! SNAP OUT OF IT!!! ============================= ---------- I'm black and purple with touches of blue and fade into a nasty yel...

    Completed   Mature
  • [LOGINCE] i would kill for you.
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    ~ a logan x roman fic ~ logince - what happens when someone who cannot feel love, feels love? he takes it too far. - written in a poetically haunting style inspired by the book thief and bridge of clay by markus zusak, "i would kill for you" is a logince short story depicting logan sander's thoughts and his descent in...

  • ThVi Oneshots (Thomas x Virgil)
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    I've just gotten into this ship and I love it now. Requests are always open! It's all Character!Thomas so don't worry.

  • The MCR Bible
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    ✰ A book that every My Chemical Romance fan needs ✰

  • Sander sides incorrect quotes
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    Basically memes and stuff I found online about the sander sides. I don't own anything. I found these online, etc. I don't own the characters as well, that right goes to Thomas Sanders #1 incorrect quotes #2 thomassanders

  • Grotesque: A Psychological Horror Story
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    The Artist saw the Change, and the Change was Grotesque. Through written confession, a nameless artist describes a disturbing interaction with a customer and the horrific Changes that result. Now, he will do everything he can to stop the Change from spreading. But can he hide from his own true nature? If you enjoy the...

    Completed   Mature