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  • Fonts Galore!
    61.7K 4.9K 203

    A place where fonts live; Fonts Galore is the ultimate font book for every Wattpad designer, packed with 100+ fonts, download links, premium content (+ commercial licenses) & helpful tips. est ☞ February 1, 2018 completed ☞ De...

  • Fonts Galore 2!
    22.8K 2.6K 148

    Your favourite font book on Wattpad is back with all the things you loved in the first book and much more! A place where fonts live; Fonts Galore is the ultimate font book for every Wattpad designer, packed with 100+ fonts, download links, premium content (+ commercial licenses) & helpful tips...

  • Yovarneine Graphics (premades and requests available)
    2.2K 360 39

    *(OPEN)* HR: #6 in manip. #4 in graphicwattys2018. Requests and premades available. Colabs possible, just PM me or comment. I post my graphic covers here, mostly random story names that popped into my head and I just had to do something with it... Any feedback would be much appreciated! If you want to use any of the...

  • The Designer Games
    2.1K 280 13

    Currently closed for auditions. What is the Designer Games? 'The Designer Games' is a Graphics Competition based off 'The Hunger Games' by Suzanne Collins. Based on the structure of Katniss's world, Designers must compete in various rounds to try and emerge as the final victorious tribute at the end. In this competiti...

  • Ultimate Showdowns [Open]
    1.1K 129 11

    Welcome to the seasonal graphic contest hosted by The Graphic Zone! Every season, you will be challenged to create marvelous graphics that amazes the daylights out of everyone. Join if you dare...

  • Types of Graphic Designers on Wattpad
    12.3K 1.5K 8

    Graphic designers, take a seat, grab a cup of tea and come in and find yo self. This is the book to end all "types of people" books. 🐸☕ Warning: If you don't have a sense of humour, here's the door. 🚪 EXIT.

  • Yuffie's Writing How-To's
    3.3M 44.4K 231

    A story isn't just a bunch of words slapped onto a page. It's a living, breathing manifestation of your imagination. This guide explores aspects most guides don't touch on such as memorable protagonists, world building, character psychology, and backstory, and many more. It will help you flesh out your ideas and make...

  • 7 Simple Tips to Improve Your Wattpad Stories
    309K 15.7K 7

    Welcome Wattpadders! This book will be short and to the point. I won’t bore you with mundane grammar rules or the crap you learn in English class, but I will offer simple suggestions on how to improve your writing. These are tips that I use every day when I sit down to write. Nothing fancy, just the basics. I can’t pr...

  • #JustWriteIt - Prompts
    54.2K 2.5K 31

    Do you want to challenge yourself in writing? Well, you've come to the right place! Wattpad presents #JustWriteIt, a monthly writing challenge for all Wattpad users to take pledge! This is not a competition, it's a challenge so no winners will be selected - but you'll get a chance of getting a public shoutout and als...

  • Nessa's Graphic
    65.2K 7.4K 45

    Status: currently opening a new graphic book ~ My graphic book is opened for international requests and locals (Indonesian) requests. Here i'll be accepting and posting my covers and premades. Banners and icons requests are welcomed as well. Check out for info! Im not accepting requests based on their amount of reads...

  • Cover Contest | Open | 2018
    11.3K 508 46

    Welcome! These are bi-weekly contests, a new contest is opened every other week. You will have two weeks to finish your cover (from the date the chapter is posted). [Open ] [Temporarily Closed] [Permanently Closed] [In Judging ✔️]

  • The Seraph Awards (OPEN)
    14.6K 994 45

    Are you an undiscovered author looking for recognition? Think your book has what it takes to win? Then go and read for more details!

  • The Chaos Awards 3!
    22K 2K 62

    Welcome back lovelies to my third contest! I hope you all have fun and enjoy! Please make sure you respect everyone involved, this is a place of kindness, not cruelty. Now, On with the contest! Look inside for rules and how to enter!

  • The Golden Pen Awards - 2018 Edition - Closed
    1.6K 163 6

    Wattpad competition Closed Cover by @PMStephens

  • The Nefarious Awards 2018 | Judging
    17.6K 1.1K 30

    The 2018 Nefarious Awards are currently undergoing judging. Winners will be announced in December. There will be one winner in every genre. All genres (including LGBTQ+ and mature) are allowed. Book cover design © Eva Jandová/@evatheartsy