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  • The Boy with Words for Skin
    437K 19.3K 33

    Samuel Brandt woke up with his thoughts written all over his body. His brother woke up with his head missing. His sister woke up to find that her skin would crack open unless she stayed in water. All of the other children in the secluded Iowa town of Oak Knoll woke up having undergone strange transformations. Now, the...

  • My k-pop dreams
    1K 86 14

    so this book is about the dreams i had,that are k-pop related

  • Finding Euphoria
    83 19 7

    Eight peoples lives all change at the same time. Not for the better. But they all end up together. Namjoon and Jin are in love, they know it. They can feel it. But when their homophobic parents find out, they are told to leave and never come back. Yoongi tells his parents that he intends to pursue his music career, r...

  • castaway | kim taehyung
    63.7K 4.8K 31

    "Why do you keep throwing up rose petals?" [ hanahaki disease and college!au taehyung ] ♡ first of the soulmate series © nochuus 2017 all rights reserved

  • Spells [Min Yoongi]
    4.3K 308 4

    "I was just trying to bake a cake and rap in German! How was I supposed to know that was the way to summon Satan?"

  • ma city ─ myg
    73.8K 4.2K 8

    "you're gonna have to buy me dinner to keep my mouth shut" min yoongi. discontinued... sorry! © neocult

  • BTS Fluff
    359K 7.6K 42

    just some fluffy stuff :) here to kill you softly. in which you are your bias's loved one. book is complete&closed permanently 💞 under some final editing&construction 💜