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  • The Imperfect's Journal: 3
    99 42 24

    This is the third and final part of the Imperfect's Journal series. In Part 3, Darren will tear his way through a plague-ridden, war-torn world in a last-ditch effort to reunite with his beloved Sara McKenzie. He won't just be battling outside forces, however--he'll be fighting against his deteriorating mental state...

  • The Pearl Diver | COMPLETED
    4.2K 686 36

    They say that there is a "Coming of Age." moment in all our lives. That moment when we find our strength. That moment when we find we can fight our demons. This story is about one of those moments in a young girls life when she suddenly finds herself in a dangerous situation where life itself is threatened. Her name i...

  • Dear Stranger |✍
    415 129 10

    Dear Stranger, I just wanted to tell you that someone out there cares about you, loves you and is praying for you. So don't give up, be strong. Life will get easier, I promise. Yours lovingly, A Stranger. A collection of letters written to inspire someone out there. I hope it helps you in one way or another. ~~~~~~~~...

  • Not the Only One (The Four of Us #1)
    33.4K 4K 83

    When we don't know who to turn to, sometimes we turn to the ones we least expect. Luke Salazar is a senior at Bay High School, and he's been pushed, shoved, and shut out for most of his life. Miles Jefferson has been the ringleader of a lot of that torment, but he has secrets that no one else knows. Rachel Cross is th...

    Completed   Mature
  • Marked Secrets
    3K 241 17

    Amelia Bridges is a nineteen year old girl living in Moonstone Province, and is haunted by her mental illnesses that threaten to take over her life. The problem is that Moonstone is a place that believes mental illnesses are nothing but a fallacy, leaving Amelia to wonder how this came about and can be stopped. People...

  • SoulBound [ON HOLD]
    3.2K 62 2

    "It was just a game, a foolish game, which was going to cost us." - Evie "I would have never thought it would end this way." - Rose "Time should alleviate any wound, or were these nothing but words?" - Elisabeth It all began with Evie, Isabelle, Rose and Elisabeth trying to bury a body. Was it a murder? You might ask...

  • The Wicked Born
    7K 624 22

    Tabitha Windart has a price on her head by order of the King himself--the payment for the death of the witch has only grown each year since it first began on her 11th birthday. No one has come even close to claiming this prize. Tabitha allows herself to believe that all will be alright until news reaches her that the...

  • Hearts Heal |✍
    525 214 14

    He was a king, She was a queen. He was an angel, Who was a rebel. She was a fairy, Who lost her way back home. He was a dreamer, She was a believer. He was praying for a miracle, And she was looking for some magic. Both lost and lonely, Both searching for someone. Hearts are breakable, But, hearts do heal. ~~~~~~~~~~...

  • Stephen
    21.5K 1.6K 41

    [Complete, Editing] Captain Stephen James, a feared pirate in the year 1702. While he and his crew captured and raided the Empress Rose, one of the largest merchant vessels of it's time, they'd awakened something far more Darker and Sinister then they could've ever imagined, a Vampire. After they had unleash the mon...

  • The Witch Woman's Prophecy
    2.4K 523 30

    After Thamet is orphaned, he ventures out into a strange world of ancient relics where he has to discover the truth about himself and his family, while searching for a mysterious woman who haunts his dreams. This is a novel about loss, love and the search for freedom.

  • Misery County
    8.4K 2.3K 85

    When he hung up his combat boots for the last time, Eric planned to enjoy a taste of the quiet life. Destiny had other ideas. After being called out to help an old friend with a mysterious disturbance, Eric finds himself at the front line of a very different kind of battlefield; one where the weapons are unearthly, th...

  • The Butterfly Crown
    1.5K 197 10

    Keeva and Avala Doughlas have lived in the same castle for over eighteen years now, yet all the sisters feel towards one another is hostility. On the night of Keeva's coronation, she decides to run away, which turns their entire life upside down. Avala is left to face with the consequences, and against her wishes must...

  • Stories
    121 65 29

    This is just another book, don't mind me.

  • Haven
    11.1K 1.6K 29

    Sophie's future is planned out for her. Having just outgrown her studies and Job Placement in a few months, her path is straight and clear. But when her best friend is captured and taken over the wall that protects them from a wild, primitive people, Sophie makes the most uncharacteristic and dangerous decision of he...

  • Justice Eternal
    4.9K 861 20

    Urban Fantasy - Romance - Immortals - Tournaments. Hidden throughout our modern world is an ancient, mythical community. Beneath their human masks lay a plethora of creatures both terrifying and captivating. Though united in their shared secrecy from humans, deep rifts exist between regions and races. The powerful Im...