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  • Am I The Villain?
    81.9K 3.5K 29

    ==Currently on hiatus== I like sleeping. I wish I could just sleep forever. ....well. Would you look at that? I actually died in my sleep and now I'm reincarnated into another world with magic and such nonsense. Worst of all, I didn't even reincarnate into a normal human! What did I do to deserve this? I ju...

  • The Immortal Reaper
    101K 3.5K 13

    Kenta dies saving his childhood friend and crush, you would think end of story, next stop heaven. That is what he thought too... Until he was reincarnated into Reygolus, a fantasy world of adventure and death.

  • Reincarnated As A Dragon (Old Version)
    401K 12.2K 58

    Neal Woods is the son of a billionare, which means he can get all he wants. But, to him it is boring, so when he died to a car crash, he was actually happy, until a light flashed in front of his eyes and he came face to face with a being that calls himself God. He offers Neal another life in a magical world as his ove...

  • Dreamer
    112K 7.3K 80

    Nick Anderson was a 15 year old boy born with a birth defect in his spine that made him completely paralyzed from birth, unable to move anything besides his head. One day when going to sleep he finds himself in what he thinks is a dream, in this dream he is picked up by a caravan that offers him healing to fix his onc...

  • Life As An Overpowered Dark Elf
    133K 4.5K 22

    Itami Kurai is killed and sent to another world; given powers by the Gods of the fantasy world and proposed with a choice: Join the Humans and slaughter the demons or join the demons and bring back balance to the kingdom. (Credit to @Warrior21st for the cover)

  • Coming to a different world- Story of the [Grim Reaper]
    1.6M 64.6K 63

    The 17-year-old Toru Kakazu gets bullied every day at school. One day, a magic circle appears in his classroom, teleporting him and the rest of his class to a different world. They are asked to defeat the Demon King, who seemingly terrorizes and threatens the well-faring and prosperity of the adjacent kingdoms. As h...