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  • Monster Girl Harem Story
    9.9K 60 8

    Titus Minato signed up for the "cultural exchange program" because he was curious and it sounded like an interesting opportunity. And he was right but he could have never expected what he was getting himself into... I don't own Monster Musume, or any of its characters even though I only plan to use one of them and I d...

  • Monster girl harem
    246K 2.1K 13

    Y/N has fortunately found himself with custody of a group of ruthless monster girls. Find out what misadventures will occur.

  • The Skilled Lover Takagi-chan!
    12.3K 241 11

    ⭐✴❇ This is a story that takes place in Kyoto Japan. A young teenaged boy named Jōzu Nishikata has just moved to Kyoto Japan from Tokyo. He also attends the school North Kyoto Highschool. He quickly becomes a popular student. He is then assigned a dorm with a girl named Takagi Karakai. She constantly teases him causin...

  • "Welcome to My Paradise"
    4.2K 420 71

    Just a place to let my emotions Art belongs to the artists. Highest Rank: #141 Chara #9 Trying #61 Bitty

  • Scrap Baby X reader
    761 11 1

    Scrap baby is in fnaf 6 what if she fell in love with you.

  • Serafall X Mreader
    33K 304 3

    I don't own DxD

  • Koneko X Male Reader
    90.8K 861 8

    (Male Name) is plagued by Hellish nightmares that leave physical manifestations of damage when he wakes up. Who will save him?

    Completed   Mature
  • Highschool DXD x Male reader
    459K 5.7K 38

    In this story. You Y/N Hyoudou have a demon by your side by the name of "Emily Akuma" she is always by your side since you 12 She is a demon that possesses great pontential of powers and since she is a part of you, her powers also belongs to you She was the daughter of satan and combined with the 7 deadly sins. In her...