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  • The Reynolds Pamphlet - Jamilams [COMPLETED]
    46.1K 2.8K 27

    Alexander, John, and Thomas, all happy in their relationship. Until one of them decides to cheat on the other two and tell the whole word about it. "The Reynolds Pamphlet, have you read this?" But did he really do it?

  • Porcelain (LAMS)
    542 47 4

    John Laurens, a popular kid in high-school. Many people seem to worship the 'straight', maybe because of his charming looks, or how his 'reliability' with the ladies. Alexander doesn't understand how John Laurens even remotely passes of as straight, since he's a full on global gay. Lafayette, probably spending too muc...

  • Angels and Demons| Jamilams
    12.2K 650 9

    Angel and Demons AU! I hope y'all enjoy more Lams fan fictions! My dearest friend made the cover for it! I love you Laur!

  • (DISCONTINUED) LAFLAMS: FROM the_one_golden_sun
    5.9K 81 22

    I DID NOT WRITE THESE!!!! THESE ARE FROM the_one_golden_sun on AO3!!!!

  • You're Kidding, Right? (Various Game of Thrones x Reader)
    157K 4.4K 59

    When all Y/N L/N wanted was to chill at home with her laptop, anime and her bed, why has she suddenly been drop kicked into Westeros of all places? It's not even her favourite fandom.

  • Crossing Worlds (A Sandor Clegane fanfiction.)
    78.2K 2.9K 32

    Aurora Dawson was just like any other 23 year-old college student, but when she innocently decides to pay a visit to a new book shop, she's thrust into a world of war, violence and a game she wants no part of. With the help of a new "friend" Aurora travels this vast new world all while teaching him a few things a...

  • When They Meet : Hamilton fanfic
    603 23 11

    John meets Alex for the first time and discovers that there's a lot of secrets but when an huge accident happens

  • ⌊‌Hamilton Oneshots⌉ [ON HOLD]
    2.8K 60 29

    [ON HOLD] {The Cover Isn't Mine!!} {I take requests} This is a book about the hamilsquad and their stories. (*cough* mostly lams *cough cough*) Slow updates.... Have fun!

  • Art book 1
    70 7 3

    sooo,,, I draw! this will be online records of my art Journey! mostly fanart art for fandoms and progress of current works. Enjoy!

  • Touch me // Laurette // Sugar Daddy AU
    1.4K 55 4

    "Touch me" "Beg for it" Warning: smut

  • HamilShots♡
    3.2K 95 19

    bunch o oneshots about a bunch o hamilton ships.

  • Ms. Homophobic (gxg) ~[Editing]~
    2.5M 79.6K 28

    ***** GirlxGirl Story ***** Hatred & Disgust -- That's what Lauren Anderson feels for all the people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and pansexuals. She treats them as if they're not human beings, but a bunch of aliens. The question is why? There are reasons for their foul demeanors, right? Laure...

    Completed   Mature
  • Bite It Or Lose (Hamilton Zombie AU)
    9.4K 371 13

    = On Hiatus = John just doesn't want to die in the damn apocalypse. Angelica just wants to murder monsters. Eliza just wants to be a pacifist. Peggy just wants to be noticed. Maria just wants to get away. Thomas just wants to be normal. Alex just wants to be free... Is that too much to ask? Yes. Trigger Warnings - Gor...

  • our story
    231 25 1

    lams college au @A.Ham I'm bored @_jnthnlrns_ Hello bored I'm John Laurens @A.Ham ...

  • The Boy On The Bus
    110K 5.5K 23

    Lams lol

  • Various Oneshots
    38.1K 452 27

    I am going to start this series with Oneshots I have thought up but I need requests, so here is a list of things I write for (if you don't see your fandom in here, ask anyway, chances are it just didn't come to mind): Harry Potter Game of Thrones Supernatural Black Butler Attack On Titan Hamilt...

  • Mine to Subdue ✔ | Yandere Lams
    22.7K 1.1K 28

    Alexander has had a rough life, a pretty horrible life, all he wishes is for the sweet relief of death. But an Angel comes to his life, by the name of John Laurens. A soft glowing light. HIS light. The light of whom he now shares a room with. Once Hamilton realizes what he has, he's not willing to share. The voices in...

    Completed   Mature
  • Sansaery Oneshots
    1K 29 3

    Oneshots about or related to Sansa Stark and Margaery Tyrell from the HBO show Game of Thrones

    30.6K 751 27

    Alex is mute and he falls in love with Jefferson and John People who understand sign language Lafayette Peggy Angelica James M Theodosia George Washington People who learn along the way Thomas Maria Eliza Hercules Samuel People who don't even try Charles Martha James R George the 3rd Aaron John A

  • "Stuff"
    36 3 10


  • Uneven {Lams}
    73.1K 3.9K 41

    Two pretty badass college roommates living together. Sounds great already, right? Well it gets better. The two start to feel a romance brewing, it leads to confusion and fear. But guess what? They're still super badass.

  • || smut book ! ||
    39.5K 251 17

    mostly musical content °°° enjoy u kinky shits

  • Laflams Oneshots
    791 15 2

    Basically, exactly what the title says. Laflams smut, fluff, and angst one shots. Open to requests!

  • Nobody Needs to know| Lams Fanfiction
    37.7K 1.3K 11

    John Laurens lived well: He was healthy, he had friends and he had a job! The only thing is that Job... Prostitute!John

  • Tongue Tied| A Lams Fanfiction
    26.5K 1.1K 11

    John Laurens had everything he needed from his rich boyfriend. Well, everything except love.

  • Game Of Thrones. Imagines & One Shots
    202K 3.8K 49

    This is just something I've been waiting to do since I've gotten hooked onto Game Of Thrones. These imagines / one shot with have any character. REQUEST ARE CLOSED I also do consider doing some smut (but that depends on the character) Please, enjoy.

    Completed   Mature
  • Yandere X Reader (1)
    456K 13.6K 44

    Moved in a few days ago and now starting your first day of school. And you were hoping for a nice year. Let's hope that would be true.. You were kind...beautiful..and that made нιм go crazy for you. You caught his attention but he didn't catch yours. He loved your soft silky hair and sparkling bright eyes. He would d...

    Completed   Mature