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  • Silver Blades: A Duel Nature
    20.5K 1.5K 15

    {Highest #12 Adventure} When legendary Tilwen swordsman, Riposte Clasicant, finds himself dueling to defend his actions toward a woman he doesn't love, he discovers her fiancé is a bigger monster than he is. In Silver Blades novellas, we follow the adventures of Rip Clasicant, who has neglected both duty and hono...

  • Silver Blades: Prize Fight
    3.8K 541 18

    After a century of contending with Pertuli's dogged silence, Riposte Clasicant has at last won the only clue in a mystery that weighs heavily on his heart. Will his satisfaction survive a lethal encounter with a mysterious woman from his past? In Silver Blades novellas, we follow the adventures...

  • Silver Blades: Dread Handed
    1.3K 166 16

    Suffering from the inability to become inebriated has left Riposte Clasicant more cantankerous than usual. The body count is rising, and Pertuli isn't the only one who wonders if Rip's condition is more serious than an unusual curse; with dire results. In Silver Blades novellas, we follow the adventures of an...

  • Silver Blades: Plated Male
    621 79 13

    "We're going to need more heroes." Dragoskala has erupted in chaos as an evil plot comes to fruition. The fate of both the city and the central plains of Terrok rests in the hands of a terminally ill swordsman with a temper problem, a snarky layabout gentleman elf, and the cranky female mercenary they let be sold int...

  • Silver Blades: The Short Irons
    376 58 6

    Short stories, scenes, and contest entries set in the World of Terrok fantasy setting, starring beloved characters from the Silver Blades series. Original Stories: Tete-a-tete In arranging the deadly conflict between Riposte Clasicant and Paolo Faranado, their seconds suffered a heinous disagreement of their own...

  • Silver Blades: Sketchbook
    1.9K 347 29

    A few people have asked for some visuals to go with my Silver Blades characters, and I don't have many (that are finished)... but I do have sketches and different things I've drawn that accompany my creation process. Nothing in this book is meant to be "finished," but if you're a Rip & Pertuli fan, or curious about th...

  • The Wattpad Reader's Guide to Terrok
    650 90 27

    This book will house the information that some readers have requested about the World of Terrok, its peoples and environs. I will update it whenever I have some time to spare and I'm taking a break from the Silver Blade stories. I have begun many Terrok guidebooks over the years, and the scope of those projects has...

  • Chibi Blades
    139 37 4

    Lord Riposte Clasicant and Sir Pertuli Ill'Enniniess are carefree gentleman rogues in the fantasy land of Dollif in the World of Terrok. Known best for their hard hitting adventure novellas in the Silver Blades series, the fun continues, chibi style, in The Chibi Blades! Riposte Clasicant is a love sick drunk who isn...