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  • A CHANCE FOR ME AND YOU (Completed)
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    People who are meant to be together find their way back, they may take a few detours, but they're never lost. ~unknown author Book 2 of ME and YOU ~A story about KissWard ~English-tagalog -CTTO for all the pictures and quotes used in this story

  • One Shots ❤
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    (c) 2017 This is a work offiction; for the sake of the "ship" lang po ito at wala akong pinapatunayan dito, okeh? No bashing, spread love instead! Thank you and enjoy reading❣❣

  • I Love You Always Forever ( BOOK 1 ) COMPLETED
    39.7K 2.2K 44

    "I loved you once, love you still, always have and always will."

  • I Don't Love You
    15.7K 1.1K 36

    A love she found after being hurt. She became cautious but her heart can't stop beating for that guy. That guy she can't have. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - KissesxEdward?

  • Savior » k.w. ✔
    18.6K 1.6K 61, isang site na sabi ko sa sarili ko hinding hindi ko pupuntahan. Bakit nga ba? Para saan pa? Pare-parehas lang naman na mga lalaki yan, anong tulong ba maitutulong niyan? Pero heto ako ngayon, nagbabrowse, kinain lahat ng mga sinabi. ┅┅┅┅ Kisses Delavin X Edward Barber Fanfiction. (TAGLISH) ­━━━━━━━━━━━━━━...

  • Superman
    3.6K 181 8

    Edward saw the chance and he took it. Kisses was just along for the ride. *the cover is not mine, I got it from twitter. If you know the owner, pls message me.

  • Chasing A Stranger Back (Beautiful Stranger Book 2)
    8.4K 651 17

    "When you feel like there's no way out, love is the only way"- 2ne1 How long does it takes to move on? How long does it takes to love again? Love may fail everytime, love can make mistakes, Love can make someone stupid, Love is vengeance, Love comes around unexpectedly, Love leaves cut to our Heart yet Love needs a...

  • Let The Love Begin
    10.5K 758 43

    This is a fan made story for Kisses Delavin and Edward Barber. My first fan fictional story for #KissWard. This is work of fiction. Names, characters, business, places, events and incedents are author's imaginations used in fictitous manner. Any resemblance to actual persons or actual events is purely coincedental. D...

  • Falling Treasures
    8.2K 421 14

    I wanted to be her knight in shining armor. I wanted to be the one she chooses at the end. It was him who made me smile and laugh. He was the one who fits my ideal. I lost. In the first place, there is already someone waiting for her. I never stood a chance. All I thought we have that chance. But in the end, he was in...

  • An Ode To Silent Hearts (A KissWard Fanfic)
    2.3K 218 5

    Sometimes the universe just conspires enough and leads you exactly where you were meant to be and who you were meant to be with. Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional and the plot is the based solely on the writer's imagination. All the characters in the story are either based on real people or are created for t...

  • Beautiful Stranger (SEASON 1)
    28.3K 1.6K 34

    Edward John Barber, a famous actor in the Philippines. He's a total package... Kung Hindi Lang siya.... Arrogante, walang modo, mahangin at masarap itapon sa ilog pasig. But inspite of all these negatives, ay maraming nagkakandarapa at nagmamahal sa kanya. Pag may negative, may positives. Gwapo, mayaman, sikat, talent...

  • Helpless » k.w.
    7.8K 641 70

    Nagmahal, nasaktan at patuloy na nasasaktan. Will two helpless hearts find their way back? » SAVIOR SERIES BOOK 2 Warning: - sexual innuendos - swearing -grammatical errors ❕ This is just a fanfic! If you don't like this ship, simply click out and delete this book from your library! All Rights Reserved to ©inkedbyzayn...

  • KissWard : Can This Be Love
    47.4K 1.4K 37

    The story of an innocent, hopeless romantic girl named Kisses meets the half fililpino half british guy named Edward who has a problem accepting his feelings & has fears of falling in love because of his past relationship. (so if you want to know the story please proceed to the next chapter)

  • Written in the Stars
    3.6K 214 16

    A story about Kirsten, a teenage girl, who wanted a new life because of her bitter past. She tried her luck in a new school where all faces are new and no one knows her. She immediately caught the attention of one person that will change her life forever...

  • Their Kind of Love | √
    44.8K 2.5K 52

    May klase ng pag-ibig na pinagtagpo at pinahintulutan sapagkat itinadhana. Kahit ano man ang pagdaanan, isa't isa pa rin ang babalikan. Sana kabilang kami doon. Sana.

  • (ONHOLD)Twist of Fate (KissWard fanfiction)
    3.5K 248 8

    There is one fact in this World, love has no boundaries, no rules to follow, no assurance, it's just that when love bites you. It spreads like a wildfire seeping every inch of you, and makes you drunk. It makes you belive in hopes and words that will eventually kill you. There is only one way to kill yourself withou...

  • When Love and Hate Collide
    36.7K 1.6K 45

    CHARACTERS: KIRSTEN DANIELLE "KISSES" DELAVIN- only daughter of the Delavin family. Grade 11 student of Barton International School. Consistently on top of the class. Very silent but sharp when pushed. EDWARD JOHN BARBER- son of the owner of the school/ President. Always placing second in class, became really bitt...

  • paragon of a submarine
    7.1K 442 18

    "Have you ever just stopped and realized that if you hadn't met a certain person in your life, your life would be completely different." I am a firm believer of this quote because my life would be entirely different if our paths never crossed. You changed my life, forever. A KISSWARD/KISSED FANFIC

  • I'm Inlove with the Campus Queen (KissWard)
    28.4K 1.2K 54

    I'm in love with the campus Queen but the sad thing she even don't know that I exist.

    15.2K 896 24

    When the universe is kinder to Kisses and Edward

  • Through His Eyes/ In Her Eyes (KISSWARD)
    16.1K 787 26

    Author's Note: I've been Mesmerized and hooked by Kisses Delavin and Edward Barber's Pair up. This Story is for them ;) (I SHIP THEM SO SO SO BAD 💛💛💛) Half reality/Half Fanfiction

  • Started with the Wrong Impression
    32.8K 2.3K 89

    Teen Fiction. A KissWard Short Story. For all the KissWard out there! Dont expect too much. And dont hate me mayward fans.hehe I decided to write this story kase sobrang nacucutan ako kay kisses. I really like her being pure and innocent. Plus kinikilig aq the way edward looks at her. This is just a product of my imag...

  • Gangster and I (On Hold)
    15.5K 1.2K 50

    ctto for the photos/videos used in this story.😘 Reiz de Vonn rich, sophisticated and a badass school hopper. Normal na sa kanya ang palipat- lipat ng school just to get her father's attention until one day she and her bestfriend entered Montgomery Academy. What are the things awaits her? Will she be safe?