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  • Of Numbers and Strange Friendships
    217K 10.8K 41

    Loki and Peter Parker somehow forge a friendship after one flippant comment. No one on the team quite understands how it happened. But it seems to do the god some good to have Peter as a friend.

  • 𝓗𝓮𝓻𝓸
    139K 5.2K 58

    Loki's daughter, Y/n was left on this planet at a very young age by her uncle, she was born with magical abilities. She was thought to be safe here, but ended up in the hands of Hydra. Tortured and experimented on for years with no sign or hope of an end to all of this, until one day a new prisoner is brought in and c...

    Completed   Mature
  • Watch your step - Loki Love story
    161K 5.2K 16

    Having lost her sight during the New York attack, a young girl deals with living in a big city. Returning home one evening, she bumps into a stranger. Things happen from there and their relationship blossoms unexpectedly.

  • Becoming Strangers
    39.9K 1.1K 10

    *1st book of the 'War' series* Liana Odindottir is the youngest child of Odin, the King of Asgard, the only daughter of Frigga and the sister to Thor and Loki. She's always been close to her brothers; sharing Thor' thirst battle and Loki's devotion to magic. Yet when Thor's coronation gets interrupted by Frost giants...

  • Loki's Daughter
    40K 943 19

    Highest ranking- #1 in Lokifanfic __________________________________________________ "Look, if you're looking for a nice meaty meal, I'm a vegetarian." The unknown creature didn't appreciate my answer, as he just growled and continued. Loud thumps can still be heard, and their getting closer. It's breathing correspon...

  • Norse Code: Thor's Daughter
    106K 3.2K 21

    On a search for her birth parents, Addaline Amelia Thordaughter runs into some things she didn't really expect, like the fact that her birth father is supposedly Thor, the Norse god of lightening. But yeah, things can't get worse, right?

  • Stainless
    63.4K 2.7K 5

    Loki is de-aged to a two year old and has no memories of anything but brutal torture from The Other, and ends up on the Avengers doorstep. How will the Avengers react to a mini god of mischief? CHAPTERS RE-WRITTEN

  • The Forgotten Asgardian; a Marvel Fanfiction
    193 22 8

    The mighty Thor returns to earth with his mischievous brother Loki, Valkyrie, and Bruce Banner (The Incredible Hulk). Although welcomed by his Avenger allies, he and Loki are intrigued to find a new member of the crew, a young girl. Thor senses that she's special but isn't sure why. Meanwhile Loki finds himself fallin...

  • What is Freedom?
    52.6K 2.2K 17

    Loki has done some horrible things, to that he admits, but the punishment he has recieved is worse than imprisonment, worse than execution. Loki now has no family, and ultimately one question stays in his mind: What is freedom?

  • Loki's death
    49.7K 1.5K 11

    Loki has served his punishment. Well most of his punishment and had been sent to earth. No one is not really sure whether Loki has changed or not. However, the outcome is something no one had suspected.

  • Young God | L. Laufeyson
    731K 39.4K 67

    ▷Set before Thor: The Dark World and includes Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and Thor: Ragnarok A simple accident turned into a huge misunderstanding and that's what basically led to Aurora's imprisonment on Asgard. As if the situation wasn't difficult enough, she also landed in the cell next to the God of Mischief, L...

  • Frozen ( A Loki Fanfiction )
    77K 1.8K 29

    Alexia White is just an average girl from New York with a shady background and a quiet nature. But what happens when this girl catches the eye of a very powerful man. Not just a man. But non other than Loki, the god of mischief and lies. • Hello Darlings! This...

  • Who are you? (A Loki Love Story)
    328K 11.8K 48

    Being kidnapped is bad, being kidnapped when you are an undercover shield agent is worse, but when you are kidnapped from a underground bunker while working for director Fury at the suggestion of a man you thought you trusted is the most scarring thing ever. Sophie is kidnapped by Loki, god of mischief. Except she doe...

  • Brotherhood - Loki & Thor ♡
    51.1K 2K 32

    moments and memories of Asgardian brothers, Thor and Loki. "The sun will shine on us again,"

  • The Snow (Loki Fanfiction) Sequel to The Rain
    22.4K 1K 24

    The Sequel to 'The Rain'. The reader meets Thor, Bruce, and Loki. She accidentally tags along in their adventures. Along the way she helps Loki This is the sequel to The Rain this will be taking place during Thor: Ragnarok two months after the fight I know that's not the real timeline but bear with me. I'm thinking a...

  • Loki x Reader one shots ♡
    70.3K 2.6K 23

    I take suggestion. Can't guarantee that I will 100% write every single one of them, but if you have any, please feel free to private message me. I'd appreciate it nonetheless. And thank you for taking your time to read this book ♡