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  • My First Book
    713 98 15

    Message board and Updates. Cover by @OfficialSherlock221B.

  • Dinning with Frogs
    16.4K 1K 17

    Sherlock needs Irene Adler's help to bring down Moriarty's network. Irene drives a rather hard bargain.

  • My Reflection (Sherlock) (En edición)
    179K 15.7K 57

    La gente común nunca se da cuenta cuando hay un genio a la par de ellos, de vez en cuando los ven pasar sin decir palabra, otras veces solos en las bancas de un parque, pero ¿Qué pasa cuando dos genios viven juntos? Sherlock Holmes nunca pensó en tener alguien igual a él, mucho menos ella ¿Qué pasará cuando dos corazo...

  • Eurus Holmes Oneshots
    3.9K 130 11

    Eurus Holmes stories because everyone can do with some love

  • Miss Me? (Sequel to Vampire On Baker Street)
    4.4K 171 13

    Since I ended the first book kinda shitty, I decided to write up an extended ending. It will most likely be more of a short story, but yeah. Enjoy! :) It starts up right after the events of the first book.

  • Sherlock's Heart
    794K 24.9K 36

    (WRITTEN BEFORE SEASON 4) What if Sherlock had a daughter? Well he does, a two year old daughter to be exact and she is the sweetest thing in the world! When the girls Mother dies the police find out that The Sherlock Holmes is the little girls Father and now it is up to him to care for the child... But what happens...

  • The Few Things I Love
    3.9K 403 32

    Well, I really don't love anything, but I do like somethings...

  • How to Become a Criminal
    1.7K 318 16

    If you read this, and give it a vote, I just might...Might!...give you a job in my beautiful world of crime and glory. JMx