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  • Supreme 5 Scenerios
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    Lui: I never agreed to this. Xander: Well, when you think about it, we really didn't have a choice... Zac: Who cares, I'll be in the spotlight! Again! Free: *yawns* As long as I don't do stupid things. Shu: Have you read the last two books? Author-chan made us do nothing BUT stupid things. Lui: I'd say enjoy, but I gu...

  • Basically BeyBlade
    38K 2.2K 68

    Greetings, fellow anime addicts! Since you liked my other crappy books, here's another one, but with more BEYBLADE, MORE INSANITY, MORE LAUGHS, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY... MORE SHITTY CONTENT!!!! >:D Valt: Wear your seatbelts, kids. Your're in for a ride.

  • Beyblade Burst Birthdays
    28K 817 41

    In this book you can wish the Beyblade Burst characters a happy birthday! Disclaimer: I will only updated this story on the characters birthdays! Thank you for 12K views!

  • What if . . . 「Beyblade Burst」
    47.2K 1.3K 18

    Just thought of this while in the shower... Beyblade Burst what if...

  • Binded Souls ( A Beyblade Metal Fight Fanfiction)
    22.8K 372 50

    Note: I do not own the Beyblade series and characters. There may be references and similarities with the Beyblade anime series. After the hero, Gingka Hagane, defeats Nemesis, close friends Yu Tendo and Tsubasa Otori travel together and arrive in France. They explore the city, only to hear an explosion coming from the...

  • I Want To Be Strong Just Like You No Wait To Be Stronger (Free X Reader X Shu )
    20.9K 875 36

    (The cover story is not mine I don't own it) Hi this is my very first story I always wanted to write my own fanfiction but never had the courage until now plz go easy and enjoy the story :) (Y/n) isn't like most girls that like going shopping with her girlfriends nope she's more of a tomboy. She wants to be the world...

  • Love for the game (Free X Reader) COMPLETED
    12.6K 238 31

    This story is dedicated to @_soulseeker_ and the anime Beyblade burst god/evolution Thanks guys from Shadow~Chan

  • BeyBurst Scenarios + Headcannons
    252K 2.7K 23

    Have you ever wondered what it would be like to date your favorite boy? Read and enjoy! Here's what you'll find here! *Scenarios *(Relationship) Headcannons *Au's *SLOW UPDATES FOR THE MOST PART

  • Gods of Beyblade
    45.2K 2K 38

    A story of gods, spirits, and bladers. - [Beyblade Burst: Spin Emperors centric; no pairings] (Disclaimer: Other than the plot and the few OCs, I do not own anything, including the characters, Beyblade Burst, Beyblades and some of the artworks and fanarts.)