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  • broken spine of love (lego ninjago x reader )
    1.3K 17 29

    y/n is part of a three girl group her ,charisma and asuna all three have scoliosis there spines are curved .one day they meet the ninja and y/n fall in deep love with cole whodoesnt seem to notice charisma and asuna do as they love one of the ninja as wel for each ,will they find love within there broken spine love ?f...

  • The Black-Hearted Ninja (The Dark Triangle #1)
    35.8K 1.3K 41

    "You know why you're the Black Ninja? Because it's the color of your heart!"-Jay When Morro dies and Nya defeats the Preeminent, the ninja expect that life will go on more or less the same. And it does, for some. Zane rebuilds Pixal, Lloyd focuses on training, Skylor returns from her noodle shop, stealing Kai...

  • Ninjago Daughter Scenarios
    376K 11K 67

    You're found as an abandoned baby by one of the ninjas, who takes you in. He cares for you, teaches you, and overall... Loves you.