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  • Podcast of a Teenage Super-Villian
    6.1K 652 32

    THIS BOOK TAKES PLACE AFTER 'BLOG OF A TEENAGE SUPERHERO'. You don't have to read that book first to understand the events that unfold in this one, but this story will spoil all the major plot twists in BoaTS. *** What makes a supervillain? After escaping prison, ex-supervillain Masquerade is on the run from the city...

  • Trigram: Black Iris - A Superhero Story - HIATUS
    335 29 8

    London. 2098. Ten years after the incident that changed humanity, superhumans roam the streets, heroes and villains from old comic books and movies are now a reality, while criminals thrived in the dark corners of the city. Hechen Huang, an aspiring researcher working at the famed SEMTOR labs to finish off his univers...

  • Yōso Academy! #aha2017 (EDITING)
    25.1K 2.6K 101

    #90 - Highest rank in Fantasy Nadia Toski wants to be the one of the great wizards like her mother but realizes it's not all that easy. Weird and difficult quests then teammates with complicated back stories. To achieve this she must attend Yōso Academy! XD The categories of wizards in Yōso Academy: Fire, Water, Light...

  • Midnight Misadventures
    9K 715 29

    "Answer me one thing, Relapse. Please." He gives me a small nod, so I take a deep breath. "Why are you a villian?" I ask. He looks off at the city, the lights becoming fireflys in the darkness. Then he turns back to me staring at me silently, his mouth drawn in a straight line. "Why are you a villain?" I repeat...

  • The Crazy Adventures of Aqua Girl
    154K 8.6K 55

    Cascade Brown is an average 15-year-old girl, living in a not-so-normal world. Ever since the beginning of the 'Super Era' there have been hundreds of superheroes sprouting all over the world, and San Francisco is full of them. Cascade dreams of meeting her idol, Ice Woman, but when the supers begin turning into villa...

  • SuperTeens
    99.4K 5K 37

    People have heard of so many heroes, like Superman, The Avengers, etc. Danger is one of them. However, being a teenager, she has lots of other responsibilities as well. Like partying with her friends. When Danger, also known as Rose, completes her training and is no longer a side kick, she is allotted her partner...

  • Spandex Is Mandatory
    645K 46.9K 41

    "Great power comes with great..." I raised my eyebrows at Guardian, looking his skin-tight suit up and down. "Urges to wear spandex, apparently." "Are you using altered famous superhero comic book references to insult me?" he asked incredulously. I snorted. "You bet your fucking ass, I am." *** Crown City has all the...

  • Not Your Average Hero
    168K 9.5K 31

    Ashlyn Calloway is your average teenager. Other than the fact she has powers. I'm talking real, honest to goodness powers. Like a superhero. Only she's not. Ashlyn hasn't shared her secret to anyone in hopes of being normal; but when tragedy strikes in Westlake and troubled secrets buried from the past reappear, will...

  • Ocean Eyes [ OMHK, Book 1 ]
    6K 656 63

    First Book In The 'One-Million Honey Kisses' Series. ○♡○♡○♡○♡○♡○ When the suicidal vocalist of a band gets caught up in a corrupted game of cat-and-mouse with a sociopath, the fine line separating morality and sanity begins to blur. Juggling fame and seemingly permanent emotional issues doesn't prove to be the easiest...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Not So Super Hero (Sample)
    480K 9.8K 19

    Zane Levitt hated troublesome things and by troublesome he meant anything and everything that required anything more than average mental or physical effort. Living a mediocre life at his mediocre job in his mediocre apartment was, to him, perfection. There was nothing better than going to a job that required little ef...

  • Heroworship
    372 50 5

    The Kidd In Black is just your average ordinary teenage super-powered minion working his way up the ranks of the Star City Crime Syndicate. One of many street-level "Vils" putting work, fighting the bad fight against the So-called Hero's from the Hall, until he can take his shot at a top spot in the Syndicate. In th...

  • Three Idiots and a Ghost ✓
    306K 23.9K 59

    3 + 1 = 3 ... idiots and a ghost! Cooper Smith, the clueless one. Archer Lee, the awkward one. Skyler Rose, the skeptical one. And then, there's Rags, the dead one. Can three total idiots really solve the great mystery surrounding the unexpected death of one girl? (3 Dudes 1 Paranormal Series #1) *Important ranks: #1...

  • Cover Shop [ONGOING]
    85.4K 3.9K 59

    "Don't judge a book by it's cover" But don't we all do? Need a cover for your brand new book but don't want to spend much time and effort? Read on!