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  • cathy's return
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    found myself writing poetry... Wait I said that already! photos in the cover by Vesa Lehtimäki

  • Internal Discussions
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    These are the thoughts and poems from a mind which never settles. Poetry influenced by the greats of our time, and the past; but carefully crafted into a unique style I call, my own. Welcome to the window of my mind. Book is complete.

  • Summer Games
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    yo whaddup

  • Storms A-Brewing!
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    Well, what are you waiting for?

  • A Little Rich And Sad
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    Richer, I guess.

  • oh stop it!
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    That is what she said to me, I think.

  • To the Skies!
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    and beyond.

  • Ocean Waves!
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    and beyond.

  • okay poems.
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    funny story; i write poetry but hate them all. heres the ones i hate the least i tried really bad to make a good cover. i promise

  • more okay poems
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    funny story; I wrote more.