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  • [EotCSM Spin-off] Heart of Magic (Completed)
    35.9K 2.4K 147

    Olivia was born with incredible powers, powers that her father saw the need to seal. Now in her junior year in high school, she seeks to awaken her sealed powers. Yet, the key to unlock them might not be as easy to obtain as she thought. All rights reserved. All rights reserved (except for the images on the cov...

  • Echoed Dreams || 夢想
    2.5K 362 18

    [Cell Phone Novel] "I swear I've seen you before. Not in person, but in my dreams." A world in which your dreams are connected. You can't contact others directly, but slowly, they will lead you to one another. Guiding you to your dream come true. #51 cell phone novel

  • 「太陽の光線」Rays of the Sun
    1.2K 208 21

    Arai Mitsue is alone. He has always been alone. The world turns its back, leaving you feeling cold and empty. The he meets a girl. A girl who shines brighter than the sun.

  • Cloud Prince 「雲の王子」[Cell Phone Novel]
    9K 1.7K 59

    Hoshii Asami always admired the sun for its radiance, beauty, and ability to bring life into anything it shone upon. That's why she hated the clouds that occasionally covered up her beloved sun. Then she met him. The free-spirited passerby who sometimes brought her to tears like the clouds themselves. And before...

  • Purple Forbidden Enclosure (UNDER EDITING)
    7.6K 1.2K 94

    This is a story about diversity. A story about love breaking through barriers. Difference is scary. Normality is "always" the best choice. In order to fit in, everyone has to be normal. Freedom of being the one you desire to be... bears the meaning of ostracism. Sato is cast aside. At school, everywhere her passion...

  • Silver Nights || 銀の夜
    968 152 9

    [Cell Phone Novel] 'The sky was dressed in black silk and silver stars. Such an alluring beauty that beckons mortals to a peaceful slumber.' The journal entries of a mystery. Words so pure it shines like the moon's reflection on a pool, during silver nights.

  • Girl In The Red Scarf + CPN + HIATUS
    628 196 16

    Every city has that one girl who stands at the bus stop. She's hard to miss. Earphones in & Staring off into the distance. As if in her own world encased inside our world. Chizuru has a secret, and explaining to others has never been a thing she has done freely, afraid something bad will happen. But will one boy chang...

  • Behind the mask
    728 167 24

    [Slice of life;Romance;Drama] Sora lives his life hiding behind a mask, he doesn't want others knowing the real him

  • un:Happiness | Cell Phone Novel
    10.7K 1.9K 113

    「 In the end, were we happy, or unhappy? 」 For an entire year, Kusakabe Leo has been haunted by his feelings of regret. After failing to save a beloved friend from committing suicide while blaming another for what happened, he starts loathing himself for being a coward who could only run away. In the end, Le...

  • A Weird Love Story || Cell Phone Novel (On HIATUS)
    253 63 32

    Follow the story of a young boy who is facing great difficulty just for his daily needs, and a girl with a very complicated story behind. The boy just wanted to get to know the girl but didn't anticipate to get entangled with her chaotic life.

  • Lilia | cell phone novel
    3.6K 759 32

    [COMPLETED] ❝ Even if I fade away, please promise to still love me. ❞ After her beloved sister died, Emiko Iwasaki took the blame. With all the guilt, Emiko hears the same voice she loved so much blaming her for everything. blurbs ; " This story was such a page turner omg 😂 I went in thinking "I'll read like 5 chapte...

  • cold [cellphone novel]
    3.2K 645 82

    As the soft snow danced and fell slowly, The two gazes met each other There was a similarity between their eyes It was questions and astonishment But the difference, however Is they were polar opposites. Ranking(s); #902 in short story (July 9th 2017) #914 in short story (July 31st 2017) #917 in short story (Augu...

  • true colors . 本当の色
    1.3K 450 27

    「 あなたは1つの美しい呪いです 。」 Having Rainbow colored hair, Eri all her life, believes that she is cursed. Isei also thinks she's cursed. . . beautifully cursed that is. ┃ o n g o i n g 0 3 . 2 8 . 1 8

  • 『 Tsukumo's Demons 』 CPN (on hold)
    2.9K 401 104

    || Tsukumo's Demons | Cell Phone Novel || "Our Demons Can Be Our Angels" Tsukumo thinks of himself as an ordinary person, but he has his doubts. He knows he's different, but could he care anymore less? He should have got rid of the book when he found it.... while he had the chance... Being curious can cause trouble...

  • Wingman ⌠Cell Phone Novel⌡
    5K 792 48

    ⌠#15 ranked Cell Phone Novel ⌡ Keichi has no place at school. Except for when he is dragged along on "dates" by Takeshi, his only friend in class. Spending time with different girls, Keichi forgets he is alone, if even for a short while. But when he meets "her" on one of these dates, his life begins to change. ...

  • re:Happiness | Cell Phone Novel ; Completed
    74.7K 12.1K 200

    「 Can you teach me how to be happy? 」 Fujiwara Ao has been living the past nineteen years of his life in ease. Born with the ideal background and blessed with enough talent, that's what most of the people presume. In their eyes, he was simply nothing more but a rich, unsociable, and self-centered person. But...

  • colorful [cellphone novel]
    4.4K 845 109

    ❝ Every emotion has a color, Like, red represents anger Blue represents sadness Purple represents fear Green represents illness or disgust White represents emptiness Grey represents depression Black represents insanity But what is the color of "happiness" and "joy"? Does that emotion.. even have a color? ❞ Rank...

  • Blank Canvas | cell phone novel
    5.9K 1.1K 28

    [COMPLETED] ❝ I'm just like a Blank Canvas, Paint me with your Bright Colors ❞ She was alone... She never talked to anyone, She was quiet and peaceful... Mirai Kitsuki, She showed no emotion, She was bullied and Lonely. Deep, Deep inside, She was kind. She cried, laughed and smiled like other Humans...

  • Cell Phone Novel: A Guide
    8.3K 518 8

    Everything to know about writing a cell phone novel. Learn about the structures and styles of one of the biggest literary movement from Japan. An in-depth guides on how to write your own cell phone novels - with the contribution of some veteran CPN authors - which will show you the way to make your mark.

  • Winter Song •「冬の歌」• CPN
    24.4K 1.8K 73

    Carefree isn't a word that describes Fuyu's Life. Bearing the burden of causing her mother's death during childbirth is heavy. When life can't seem to get worse she is suddenly whisked away into an arranged marriage with a mysterious half Japanese, half-gaijin husband. He's cold and distant and she is the last person...

  • Before I Count To Three (Cellphone Novel)
    4.6K 767 65

    -under construction- I only wished that we could have been normal sisters. Living a normal life. When will I be able to meet you again, Onee-chan?

  • hint - cell phone novel
    969 261 22

    Nanako's stories almost always center around a student that is in middle school, yet touch on serious issues... Yet have complicated plots. Nanako posts their stories online and has only published one of them. Nanako's only published book became popular due to their unique writing style and the author flap. The autho...

  • Secondhand Memories (Pioneer English Cell Phone Novel)
    303K 5.5K 42

    [Coming-of-age, Romance, Existential, Japan] Seiji and Aoi have been inseparable childhood friends and eventually, high school sweethearts. Believing in naive dreams and love, all seems well until a tragedy separates them with a chasm of frozen time. As one struggles with the aftermath, the world moves on, while the o...

  • When The Red String Of Fate Gets Tangled (Cell Phone Novel)
    15.1K 1.7K 49

    "In the middle of tangled up love is painful" [CPN] Takahasi Koharu who was a author in her 20's who suddenly became a editor of a monthly teen-romance magazine "Candy" in a major publisher in Tokyo, Japan. Later she gets to know that her most "wanting to forget" first love, Aoki Takeru is the editor-in-chief and h...

  • Ambiance (Cellphone Novel)
    651 93 19

    A girl is enclosed in a temple where she is a prophetess. She only wakes to see the late afternoon sun. When she begins to dream of a second heart within, which beats to the rhythm of someone near her. My entry as part of the Team Dreams in @rskovach 's Decameron 2.0. A/N: The cover art is not mine. Credits to the...

  • Regular girl (Anime Story)
    41K 2.5K 36

    She's a 16 years old, a taciturn girl. Always hides her feelings while and doesn't care about things that happens around her. In her opinion, as long as she has her bestfriend by her side, she doesn't have to socialize with others. Going to school, eating, sleep , it is basically the same! For 16 years, it is always...

  • I'm A Cellphone Novelist, Not A Basketball Player! [Cell Phone Novel]
    11.7K 1.6K 105

    ❝ For the last time, I am not a basketball player ! ❞ Katsura Haruna is a cellphone novelist known as "Haru-chan". But at school, she is often mistaken as a basketball player because of her height, her looks and her body posture. After reminding her friends so many times, a basketball ace named Koyama Yoshinaga didn't...

  • Through Viridian Seas
    5.3K 1.8K 101

    ❝ the world has taken away who i really am. who i want to be. ❞ in which loneliness is washed away by a sea of blue-green beauty. ❄girlxgirl❄a cellphone novel❄complete❄ #152 in short story | 28/7/17 © 2017 salmonskinroll written 21/5 to 27/7/17