• My Life with the Walter Boys [Wattpad Version]
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    Sixteen-year-old Jackie Howard knows nothing about her new guardian Katherine Walter when she moves from New York to Colorado. After discovering that Katherine...

  • Strictly Business
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    “It’s so simple,” I say. “All we have to do is pretend we’re in love with each other. You know, hold hands, share Eskimo kisses and all that crap. And at th...

  • Off to Neverland
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    Ivy is a poor, misunderstood girl who isn’t afraid to stick up for herself. The Lost Boys are four wealthy boys that are used to getting whatever they want. Mi...

  • Break My Heart and I'll Break Your Car. :]
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    Raine Jenkins was thrown into the world of beauty pageants before she was even able to speak. She loved them when she was young, and has become a legend in the...

  • A Simple Melody
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    Failing in an audition is devastating, and no one understands that more than Destiny Lockheart. When Destiny enters Dream Arts, a college made for Performing A...

  • My Celebrity Housemate
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    Katelyn Valentine was never really a crazy fan of anything or anyone. She was the type of girl who claims that all celebrities are overrated. Unlike her best f...

  • Realize (PUBLISHED)
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    They live on the same floor. They attend the same luxurious school. They have the same friends. They couldn't stand each other. And just when she thought she c...

  • Unexpectedly
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    ‘He went out of the room. In his boxers. Again. Like the laws and principles of the universe, which were scientifically proven, I couldn’t help but scowl. He s...

  • A and D (PUBLISHED)
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    "He's a jock. I'm not. He's popular. I'm not. He's good-looking. I'm not. And have I mentioned that we're the best of friends? So he loves me... as a friend. T...

  • A Proscriptive Relationship [Available On Amazon]
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    Holly's new, young teacher has a dark past, and a dangerous future. She soon finds herself charmed by his ways, and gets thrown into the chaos. Who knew having...