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  • Wolves | kth
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    Song Mia was an introverted daughter of the beta. Living in a pack with a population of only a hundred Mia grew fond of her pack and they lived peacefully. Mia was lucky enough to find her mate at an early age but things doesn't go as planned in books she reads as her mate rejects her and she was left to torment on he...

  • Wolves | jjk ✔️
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    Lee Eunise was a simple girl she was a rogue on an early age because of her cruel parents. She hides her identity as a normal she-wolf. She attends this school where wolves goes in ,wolves would criticize and bully her for being a rogue but a guy with a ever so loving scent protected her from the criticisms and finall...

  • Wolves | pjm ✔️
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    A girl name Dana came from a powerful pack with her parents as one of the strongest Alpha and Luna. She possesses an ability in which only powerful beings can release. On a unexpected day an attack happened to their pack killing half of them and her parents. Before battling her mom gave her a necklace and told her to...