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  • How Wattpad Works
    506K 8.4K 9

    Stories connect us all. Readers and writers come to Wattpad from all across the globe to escape into a world of storytelling, share their passions with like-minded people, and discover the next big thing. Read this story for a better understanding of how Wattpad works and how to get the most out of it! Cover by @one...

  • How to Write Fanfiction
    516K 16.8K 39

    How to Write Fanfiction is a writing resource that contains tips and tricks on crafting fanfiction stories - by the community, for the community. This guide will serve as a helpful point of reference for fanfiction writers both old and new. We ultimately hope to encourage Wattpadders to immerse themselves in the limit...

  • Advice From Writers
    39.7K 3.2K 23

    As Talent Scouts, we get to talk and interact with many different writers every day. We are always listening and learning from these interactions, and we see how every Wattpad journey is unique and how different strategies work for different people. We are very happy to share some of this advice and experiences with y...

  • How to Mature
    8.6K 281 6

    Walk in for a few tips and tricks on how to write mature books.

  • Poetry Workshop
    5.3K 420 14

    The Poetry Workshop is a collaborative work designed to help poets become better poets. With prompts, information and exercises included in each chapter, we aim to help people understand different aspects of poetry and learn how to take their ideas from thought to paper. Come join us! Whether you're looking to learn...

  • A-Z of Werewolf writing
    16.1K 1K 11

    A Handbook for all things writing and werewolf! How to create the perfect werewolf story, write the story you want to read and avoid cliches! Everything you need to know and more... Run by official Wattpad Ambassadors.

  • How To Write About Zombies
    821 99 3

    Need help with your zombies? Not sure how to start a zombie story? You've come to the right place!

  • How to NaNoWriMo
    12.2K 1K 11

    Have you heard of NaNoWriMo (November is National Novel-Writing Month) but are unsure of how to get started? Or maybe you're just looking to write a book and need some guidance? I got you covered either way.

  • Hints, Tips - Other Little Bits
    3.4K 235 8

    Want to get your story out there but don't know how? You've come to the right place! We know how authors are always looking for ways to maximize their exposure and increase their following. You've worked so hard writing that book, why wouldn't you want everyone to read it? Here are some tips and tricks on how to adv...

  • α gυι∂є тσ ѕριяιтυαℓ
    694 75 5

    This guidebook covers different areas of the Spiritual category and its specific aspects. You will be provided with: tips, useful advice, details, explanations with or without examples, and many other chapters that are meant for personal improvement or growing knowledge. *We take into consideration all suggestions o...

  • How to Write Science Fiction
    137K 5.7K 13

    "Science fiction writers foresee the inevitable, and although problems and catastrophes may be inevitable, solutions are not." - Isaac Asimov This piece is intended as a bit of a Help guide, a point of reference and hopefully something people will enjoy, as ultimately all of you will have different experiences reading...

  • Secret Lore - Writing tips & advice
    1.2K 98 5

    In here you will find various tips and tricks on how to write a page-turner, one of those action-packed adventures that you just can't stop reading! We will do our best to give you helpful tricks of the trade to help easy the writing process and thrill the readers. From scene building to grammar...we will hunt them do...

  • Tips Corner
    30.1K 1.4K 8

    This is where we talk about writing romance. Everyone is welcome! Tips Corner is an interactive learning format rather than teaching. We all love to read or write romance and whether we realise it or not, are experts and have ideas to offer. There are many 'how to' guides on writing romance so rather than provide ano...

  • How to Write Paranormal
    56.5K 1.4K 27

    Helpful hints on writing, with a focus on best utilizing and subverting common paranormal tropes.

  • Your Guide to Writing a Killer Thriller
    26.1K 1K 6

    Want to write a killer thriller? This guide contains tricks and tips that will navigate you through the various aspects of a thriller novel. Find answers to the questions that have been burning on your mind. || Cover credit: @shadednights ||

  • Writing Great Fiction: An Introduction
    59.7K 2.3K 9

    Welcome to the Wattpad Writing Great Fiction introduction! You can browse through the chapters and use them as a reference when needed, or you can treat this like a class in writing fiction. There are assignments you can do, but don't worry, there aren't any due dates. There are lectures, but you don't have to take no...

  • The Grimoire
    3.4K 241 4

    A place for all fairytale-writers and those interested in trying out this certain sub-genre. This book aims to help you with retelling-specific topics from picking names for characters, to world-building, down to creating that whimsical cover that's most fitting for your fantastical story. Whether you're already k...

  • Action Writing Tips
    3.3K 267 7

    A few shared tips and tricks to fire up those engines and get the creative juices pumping again, all to write the best action stories ever.

  • How to Write Adventure
    1.2K 114 2

    Helpful hints on writing, with focussed tips on getting the most out of crafting adventure.

  • A how-to guide on writing Chicklit
    4.1K 289 3

    Have you ever wanted tips and tricks on how to better your writing? Maybe you're just looking for some guidance on how to structure your plot? Well look no further! This writing guide is intended to help you on crafting the best possible chick-lit story ever seen. We'll be featuring guides on plot structuring, charac...

  • Tips & Tricks
    376 50 8

    How to write children's stories? Comment écrire des histoires pour enfants? Wie schreibe ich eine Kindergeschichte? ¿Cómo escribir ficción para niños?

  • Detective & Crime: How To-Guide
    709 43 3

    Just like writing fiction in any genre, Detective & Crime fiction requires knowledge of certain aspects of life. This guide aims to help you along the way, as best its collaborators can!

  • FAQ
    17.7K 874 3

    The Wattpad Talent Scouts answer your most frequently asked questions.

  • Community News & Updates
    7.4K 591 12

    Ambassadors are known for always being there to answer questions or offer guidance and assistance in your time of need. But that's a very small part of what we do. We're also here to help make your Wattpad experience the very best it can be. Did you know that we manage in the region of 45 community profiles? and that...

  • The Ambassador Program
    267K 7.5K 5

    The Ambassador Program is comprised of a global team of Wattpadders who are strongly passionate about connecting readers & writers through storytelling. They live, breathe, and share Wattpad with the world, one step at a time. If you want to learn more about the program, and how to apply, this is the story to chec...

  • The Wattpad Guide to Multimedia Storytelling
    85K 2.8K 3

    Your Wattpad storytelling experience is about to get a multimedia makeover with some new, enhanced capabilities. Find out more with this preview story!

  • News & Updates
    17.7M 167K 121

    Stay connected to all things Wattpad by adding this story to your library. We will be posting announcements, updates, and much more! Cover by @onederstruck-

  • Community Focus
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    In an ongoing series of weekly posts, we'll be shining a spotlight on different sectors of the Wattpad Community. Here, we will focus on our wonderful Community run profiles and projects, look at the tremendous diversity Wattpad has to offer, and highlight a different sector of the Wattpad Community each week. So if...

  • Account Guides
    90.2K 2.2K 29

    Ever wonder how to change your password, add a banner to your profile, or broadcast a message to all your followers? Here is all the basic information you need to take advantage of all the features on your profile along with answers to your most pressing questions when you need help.

  • Guides for Readers
    68.7K 1K 15

    So a friend told you about this amazing site called Wattpad where you can discover and read a huge variety of stories FOR FREE, and even share your own! OR you found the Wattpad app when searching for a way to read stories on-the-go! OR you're just a closet Harry Styles fan and well, that's self-explanatory ;) Eith...