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  • Survival
    4.2K 266 7

    Danny X Dash Danny and his family all die in a Nasty Burger explosion, but only Danny doesn't pass through to the afterlife. Is this because he was already half ghost? Dash's house gets caught in the explosion and he and his family have to move to the Fenton's old house, where he meets a lonely ghost, sitting in his...

  • DBH Connor × markus one-shots
    29.3K 843 8

    Different types of oneshots for the couple, connor × markus. I'll happily take requests, I'll write anything. There will be some bad language, mostly because of hank. So this is a mature book so far, so if you don't like boy × boy. Then sorry my friend, but this story isn't for you.

  • Detroit Become Human Smut Book(OH HOLD)
    88.8K 769 27

    i wanted to do this. You can request if you want. Just PM me

  • Connor x Hank- Together Forever
    187K 4.8K 134

    Just some small fanfics about my favourite ship Connor x hank from the game Detroit become human. Request are open, if you have a suggestion for a chapter then just comment or message me and I'll see what I can do!

  • Falling Into Your Arms Connor X Hank
    6.9K 207 7

    WARNING~ probably gonna have lots of smut in it~ probably gonna have lots of cursing in it~ DEFINITELY GONNA HIT VERRY SENSITIVE SUBJECTS SUCH AS Rape Suicide Murder

  • Darkness
    63 4 1

    This is about my favorite youtuber thefamousfilms.

  • Humans are Weird
    3.9K 182 5

    Shen just wanted to know more about humans. Emily just wanted to have an adventure. Neither works out they way they want. (or in other words where Humans are the space terminator and yet also the really cuddly pets.)

  • Predator and Prey
    1.3K 20 8

    The scourge of the galaxy, the Joltul'ra, devour everything in their path.

  • Ants
    47 1 1

    Our enemy viewed us as ants - and ants we became, drowning Sol in our swarm.

  • Paradise Denied
    65 3 1

  • Hands
    187 5 1

    Short story. HFY (Humanity, Fuck Yeah) style. HFY means that it is usually written from the perspective of aliens and how they see humans/humanity. Often accompanied by badassery of said humans.

  • You breathe... oxygen?
    359 8 1

    Writing prompt: "Humans finally gain the ability to intergalactic travel. In meeting other species, they quickly realize earth is the 'Australia' of space and all the aliens are in awe of our durability."

  • Saurtis One-Shorts
    36.1K 1K 86 doing it.....enjoy :D.

  • "It's You and Me bud.... Always...."
    11.5K 359 16

    He always has been different. In the eyes of the village and his father, he was weak, and not capable of anything. He steps out to help his village, but then a dragon chased him, causing a mess. His father blames him, calls him a disgrace. He cries, and hides in the forest... But little does he know.... ~That He ha...

  • Fellcest- Fix these broken eye sockets
    10.5K 446 24

    There are a lot of warnings some are for no reason sooo.... Warning!: Random warnings. Sans knew everyone in the town hated him and he was beginning to think that "Boss" did as well, But the one time when he goes to his post early something happens... ye

    Completed   Mature
  • To Die In Battle-- AtlanticCraft Fanfic
    502 22 3

    "I miss you buddy..." KrakenKid has to face something he has never quite thought about. Most people forget this but krakens live a very long time, longer than most would. As long as they don't die from something else, it takes centuries until one dies of old age. This wouldn't be a problem if they didn't make friends...

  • sweetest tongue has the sharpest tooth (the crafting dead)
    61 2 1

    As you're pretty, so be wise; Wolves may lurk in every guise. (Charles Perrault, Little Red Riding Hood, 1969)

  • 🌺Corick One-shots🌺(Requests Open)
    4.1K 126 12

    Corick is Nick(SGCBarbarian)x Cory(NewScapePro) (New cover by moi)

  • What will you do with me? (a "the famous films" fanfiction)
    590 18 2

    What if when Jason caught Brian he didn't kill him? What if he had other plans instead? No romance. I will be using crafting dead character names. Idea came after brian's video on July 24, 2017.

  • Shiped Art (Marvel Edition)
    4.4K 223 33

    A book full of art I found on Pintrest. NONE OF THIS ART IS MINE. CHARACTERS ARE OWNED BY MARVEL. enjoy 😃👍.

  • Bittersweet - Honey Mustard - Lemon
    1.6K 61 13

    Sans is tired of all of the abuse. So one day he decides to finally run away. Too bad it didn't seem to work... Warning: this includes some no no scenes. If your triggered by cutting rape abuse suicidal thougts ect (will add on if appears) you should probably turn away and find another story.

  • (4th) Infected
    4.9K 174 27

    My weapon slips from my loose grip, clattering on the ground as I allow myself to take a breath before turning to Jen. She looks up at me weakly, a whimper breaking past her blood-filled mouth, struggling to say something. I crouched down next to her, quickly applying pressure to the wound on her gut. She flinches, co...

  • What Have You Done (TheFamousFilms Crafting Dead Fanfic)
    290 4 2

    Alpha Haven has arranged a peaceful meeting with Nirvana Gates after being alerted that their leader Justin maybe responsible for the death of Bryan's friend Dawn. But the Meeting doesn't quite go according to plan as Bryan has other ideas.

  • Soul Brothers
    10.3K 408 7

    infrequent updates... What if Hiccup had known Toothless since he was very young? What if Hiccup never shot Toothless down, because he was his best friend? Hiccup didn't have friends, neither did he really have a father either. He spent most of his time, alone, praying to the gods for someone he could call a friend.On...

  • Confused ~Baffy~
    1.1K 32 2

    Bugs is confused about his feelings and emotions towards Daffy. Daffy is confused too. Do they both like each other? I'm still writing this, there is some cussing in this story. Bugs bunny and Daffy duck belong to Warner Bros

  • Little White Lies (A Crafting Dead Fan Fic) -ON HOLD-
    3.1K 135 12

    He grabbed a remote from the table and pushed on one of the buttons. The TV in front of me turned on and it showed a camera of the street near the CDC. A group came by and they were laughing. The group that was laughing was the CDC group. My group. He smiled then... Everything went black ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Nic...

  • Sea Of Feels
    2.7K 103 16

    "Dad, where's Mom?" *********** Welcome to the Sea Of Feels! Where the only thing in this ocean, is tears. I write feel-y things, sometimes off of my own ideas, and other times just things that people give me! Join me on this emotional roller coaster as I make you feel feelings for various things and characters relati...

  • Sanscest One-Shots
    80.4K 1.5K 18

    I'm bored and I'm into it.

  • Detroit Become Human OneShots
    836K 20.3K 206

    a series of Oneshots based on the game "Detroit Become Human". I will take requests when asked politely. the overlay on the picture is of an Oleander, a flower. AU name: Night in Detroit

  • I Cant Help It [A Taurtisgladator Fanfic]
    11.2K 463 5

    Based on yandere high school. (Probably a way overused setting just go with it) Sam×Taurtis Enjoy :3