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  • Dormant Emotions [Ichiji x OFC]
    225 14 2

    North harbor; eight sharp. Revenge or just a date.

  • The Devils and the captured Princess
    2.7K 113 25

    Hi I/C this story is for you to give you some info this story is sbout Japan in the past. That's all I can give to you for now!!!!

  • DNA (Ichiji x-Reader)
    2.7K 77 8

    (Y/n) (L/n) is a beautiful women; all of the guys fall over her and the girls all want to be like her. She would be the most popular girl in school, if it weren't for her attitude; she's cold to everybody who comes in contact with her, but no one knows why. Not until one man transfers into the school, his name is Ichi...

  • Monsters Child Vinsmokes x Human Reader
    1.8K 73 7

    IN the farthest corner of the village lives a household of Monsters But a certain human gets captured and has to give up her soul for 30 days and in the 30th she dies In a fight for survival She has to make the Masters happy so she can live

  • Cold Like Ice (Ichiji Vinsmoke X Reader)
    3.7K 70 9

    ...A long time ago, The One Of The Strongest Kingdoms, Jerema 66's Prince Ichiji Vinsmoke Was Travelling To The Island Holecake, Where They Came Across The Almighty Pirates! And That's Where Y/N's Love and Dangerous Story begins....But She Doesn't Expects A Lot Of Drama.....

  • Arranged - Ichiji Vinsmoke x Reader
    5.5K 230 3

  • Child Vinsmokes x Reader
    12.8K 364 11

    Coming home Judge bought a new person to be the bodyguard for the kids plus a mentor for them A cook,engineer and a fighter as well Her name is (Y/n) Female reader later will make x Male reader.k When i meant Vinsmokes i meant the kids not the father that is name Judge for some reason

    Completed   Mature
  • Beauty And Her Beast (Niji X Reader)
    17K 425 7

    I changed the title to something more fitting so yeah