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  • She's Bad News
    23.1M 464K 31

    When Corinna Evans' mother is sent to prison, Corinna has nowhere else to go so she moves back in with her father and his family. Determined to make it through these last few months of school, she only wants to keep a low profile and get by but someone keeps getting in her way. Tyler Flynn has been best friends with...

  • The Female Lycan
    14.8M 554K 62

    It use to be a rare thing. Seeing a female werewolf. It was almost like their were no such thing. But now female werewolves have the same population as males. Except for Lycans. Their has only ever been two female Lycans in history. Alvery Fabre was the first ever female Lycan. She and her mate George Rosai had a dau...

  • Love Bite Obey
    48.5K 2.9K 20

    Vampires have conquered Julia's country, leaving her without friends, family or a place to call home. Caught in the middle of the war, a powerful vampire, Lord Rahlan, has fallen in love with her. Julia agrees to return to his home, hoping to begin a new family and have a place to call her own. Living in a land where...

  • Loving Marcello
    8.5M 304K 42

    Shout-out to @Grace_Harding for this gorgeous cover! After having her heart broken by the boy she'd been in love with her whole life, Brimmy Somell decides to take a little...vacation. Little does she know, it turns out to be much more permanent than she had originally thought. After meeting tall, sexy, and mysterious...

  • Enemy 000
    1.5M 30.7K 46

    In our lives, we tend to say or do things that bring us regrets. Our decisions can be instant, and those are the worst, most terrible ones. So what will happen when Katherine and Wes make a decision that will change their entire relationship, actually, their feud? Because after saying make love, not war, it's hard to...

  • Vengeance
    1.7M 50.4K 63

    4 Mafia Families. 5 Overprotective Brothers. 1 Little Princess. A Tale of Revenge. Ava DeLuca, only daughter of the Capo dei Capi (Godfather) of the Italian Mafia Family, kidnapped at the age of 5 by the Rival gang. 13 years later, the DeLuca Brothers seek vengeance assuming their sister was killed by the enemies. R...

    Completed   Mature
  • Gladiator
    113K 5.1K 37

    His chest glistened with water droplets dribbling down the glowing bronze skin. Resting, his strong muscular back against the rocks on the lake side, head lulled backwards, onyx eyes closed in utter salvation. "Your spying on me is utterly useless young tulip." Ink eyes opened, resting upon my little frame making me f...

  • Red
    278K 8.7K 43

    To a human, werewolves don't exist, and you're crazy if you believed in the myth. That is what Alana thought of them; a myth. That is, until she meets one. Alana Smith is your average girl. Her parents live in another state after she moved away from them to live with her brother, her brother is barley home, she has a...

  • Vampire's Pet
    34.2M 1.4M 86

    The world had gone to hell long ago, taken over by the vampire race. In order to keep some sort of peace in our land, the Vampire Lords made a consecutive agreement. The rich and powerful humans could survive just as they had been, untouched by the vampires save for the occasional blood collections, or so they thought...

  • The Runt & The Alpha
    3.2M 80.7K 79

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Meet Layla Anderson runt of the pack. In most packs runts are taken care of, protected. Although in Layla's case this wasn't it. Everyone in her pack despised her, even going as far as beating her, she had more scars than she would like. All for being born basically. To make matters worse her parents l...

    Completed   Mature
  • The New Alpha
    1.7M 57.9K 36

    Everly is a werewolf living in a pack where no one wants her. Her mother and father don't treat her the same as her beautiful sister. She has learned to get used to their unfairness towards her. Her sister, Victoria, humiliates her in school, at home, around her parents, and the whole pack thinks she's a weak link. Bu...

    Completed   Mature
  • Broken Souls
    2M 62.6K 99

    Elora Raines is used to the stares, the whispers, the abuse. A werewolf is meant to symbolise strength and fierceness. A pack is meant to symbolise protection and family. But Elora was born from a she-rogue and her father a pack member. So those two statements couldn't be farther than the truth. In the packs eyes, t...

    Completed   Mature
  • Loving Killian ✔️
    1.7M 43.2K 89

    "you're so fucking annoying" "Fucking language!" "Fuck you!" I spat "fuck you, fuck you, fuck you-" before finishing a tight grip grabbed my burning cheeks and pulled me in smashing my lips into his roughly I couldn't process what was happening, my eyes quickly shut and without thinking I gripped his neck bringing...

  • Street Girl
    2.3M 75.9K 51

    [FREE STORY] Elliot finds street kid Lucy in his dad's shed and sparks begin to fly. Unfortunately for them both, Lucy's dangerous past is catching up with her. ***** Everyone knows the town of Godfrey has a street kid problem, but Elliot Wexler, h...

  • The curse of Red
    110K 3.5K 72

    She was raised to be more human than wolf, what happens when her mate is more wolf than human? A fairy tale gone wrong .

  • His Slave Her Master
    379K 12.7K 54

    Nat's first instinct when followed in the night is to run. But you can only run so far from something that cannot be seen. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Meet Natalie Rose, an eighteen year old girl just about to begin University. She has it all, a family that loves her, a good paying job, a boyfriend to live wi...

  • Dangerous Love: The Rogue Queen
    3.5M 79K 44

    Aylin Turner has lived a quiet life amongst her pack, Dark Moon. Having lost her parents at a young age, she kept her head down at all times. They were lost in a war against demons. Her life was full of mistreatment by her other pack members, and her own mate, the Alpha, rejected her. The one thing in her life that sh...

  • WHO? | The Alpha ( COMPLETED ✅)
    84.2K 3.1K 44

    Georgina, a curious incoming college student, has to seek for answers, in order to understand why her peaceful life turned upside down after meeting the creatures of the night. Book 1 of Who? | series. _______________ 🥉3rd place in Eternity Awards- Vampire/Werewolf category -Photos not mine, credits to the owner-

  • His Worst Behavior
    1.8M 67.6K 33

    Chloe Mars is taken captive by a lethal Alpha who refuses to let her go - and she's about to see him on his worst behavior.

  • Midnight Rose (completed)
    191K 10.5K 30

    *WATTPAD FEATURED & HOT STORY* (Completed) My grandfather had once told me that life was an unpredictable beast-one moment calm with a full belly and heavy eyes, and the next, digging its paws in the dirt, snarling just before it took down its next victim. Until recently, I would argue with that notion, listing all th...

  • The King Of All Vampire Kings (Book 1)
    6.9M 277K 107

    Book 1 of (The Awakening Series) {#1 Supernatural} {#1 Paranormal} {#1 Lycans} {#1 Vampire Romance} {#5 Royalty} The world went to shit long before I was born. Humans like me use to believe other species were nothing more than fictional characters, myths, or figures of one's imagination. But that was before vampires l...

  • Running Scared
    3.9M 188K 123

    A love like no other: book 1 Highest rank : #1 in vampire (21/1) #1 - WINNER of The craze Awards 2017 #2 - WINNER of The Purple Apple Awards 2017 # Favourite plot award WINNER - The hopeful Awards #1 - WINNER of The Majestic Awards What happens when the monster of your nightmares is your own blood? What happens when t...

  • The Dangerous Prince | ✓
    6.2M 315K 134

    #1 in Vampire (22-10-16) #1- THE CRYSTAL AWARDS WINNER 2016 _____ UPDATES: SATURDAY _____ Once, there was a Princess. Princess Anastasia of Valona. The Kind-hearted soul was brought up in the peaceful world of Valona. Then, life took a turn. She was close to lose everything in her life. And the reason was her betr...

  • Bought (bought book 1)
    207K 9.9K 34

    "Darling, I know you're awake." Sebastian said as yet another series of flipping papers began, "I know you've been awake for the past forty-five minutes." "No...I ..Haven't.." I grumbled. "Darling, com here." He chuckled. I rubbed my eyes and wrapped myself tighter into the red sheet. I then rolled off the couch, st...

    Completed   Mature
  • A Vampire's Heart {Completed} (Edited) (Book 1 of AVH)
    491K 17.3K 32

    "See you around Selena" I froze he had said my name. My actual name. Lena lived a normal life at school. Well as normal as it could be when trying to deal with a bully. When one day a stranger named Xavier popped up and saved her from her bully. As Lena gets to know Xavier she finds herself being attracted to him, but...

  • Vampire Cravings: A Vampire's Heart Novel {Completed} (Book 3 of AVH)
    185K 7.8K 45

    ***PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU READ THE FIRST AND SECOND BOOK BEFORE YOU READ THIS ONE*** The third and final installment in the A Vampire’s Heart series: Vampire Cravings. "I want you Selena, I can be so much better for you then my brother" he hissed in my ear sending shivers up my spine like little electric shocks. I knew...

  • Lost (Bought Series Book #2)
    80.7K 4.7K 34

    "So you betray me?" Sebastian yelled making me cringe "I didn't want to!" I yelled, tears welling up in my eyes, "I begged for you to let me go! I begged you!" "Yes, I understand that. So I am at fault.." "NO!"

  • A Vampires Quest (COMPLETE)
    8.1K 643 27

    This is the third story of the Blackbloods series. If you haven't read the first two never fear as this book can be read independently but it does take place after the first two books. Serena, aka Mia, is trapped, running from the law, from the ones that were once family. She fights for what's right, for the ones les...

  • Maid of Honor
    2.5M 28.1K 42

    Morgan Stone is a normal 23 year old. Or so she thinks. After a year of not hearing from her older sister Julia aka Jules, Morgan is off to Miami for her sister's wedding. What she doesn't know is that she isn't in her world anymore and she is surrounded by vampires, werewolves, witches, fairies and more. Her sister i...

    Completed   Mature
  • Shackled Exemption
    53.3K 4.3K 87

    Important Note: Please refrain from controversial remarks and comments. This story is not written to offend any religion and culture. If you cannot digest it, please leave. I won't be entertaining any biased, harsh, or judgmental views. ............. "They took my freedom I will take their everything" Revenge is a wo...