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  • I Left You This Box
    22.9K 1.4K 15

    "I'm sorry it had to be this way." (Check out the translated version of my story on @Black_Raven234 's profile)

  • Still Believe In Magic?
    14.5K 999 7

    "Three wishes, three rules. No killing, no bringing people back, and no forcing love. The rest is up to you."

  • End of the Day
    28.3K 1.7K 14

    How is it possible that the only other person left on earth is the one i was meant to be with?

  • our infinite days are numbered (but I will always want you)
    16.7K 463 1

    "I don't get it. Why are you so angry, Camz? Is it because he kissed me and touched my butt? Do you want him to do that to you instead?" Groaning in frustration, hands clenching angrily at the reminder, Camila finally lost it. "No, Lauren! It's you! It's because I love you!" ___\\ Or, the one where Lauren and Camila...

  • Infatuation (Camren)
    649K 14.4K 22

    A passionate affair. It started as mere physical attraction, but has developed into something much deeper. Camila must figure out what the right choice is, and if she has the strength to make it. Camila G!P

  • I Heard Your Voice In A Dream
    859K 30.9K 30

    New to New York City, the quirky artist, Camila Cabello finds out what it really means to shed light on someone. Especially when that someone is notorious blind girl, Lauren Jauregui. She's a mystery upon herself, and Camila is determined to break the mystery and hear her story. But she might do more than just that. A...

    Completed   Mature
  • If I Were A Boy (camren)
    2.4M 69.9K 44

    Lauren Jauregui has had a crush on her fellow band member, Camila Cabello for a while now. Still friends, they have gradually grown very distant. One night, Lauren is up late playing a casual game of Truth or Dare; until one dare sends her life completely out of control. © copyright, 2014

  • The Donor (camren)
    2.1M 56.1K 32

    Camila's daughter wants to know who her 'father' is. How can Camila explain they were a sperm donor and how will she react to the information she finds when tracking 'him' down? Warning: Lauren's intersex in this story and though I've tried very hard to respect the condition and make her story as realistic as I could...

    Completed   Mature
  • Yours Truly (Camren)
    2.4M 52K 25

    Lauren and Camila know a lot about each other, except for, well, their names. They've been writing anonymous, handwritten letters to each other for an English assignment for a couple months now and during that time, Lauren's developed a genuine interest for a girl whose handwriting resembles a child's first attempt at...

  • blue ➸ camren
    4.5M 147K 37

    SECOND BOOK IN THE YELLOW SERIES After a long and lengthy journey, Lauren finally believes she and Camila have reached the light at the end of the tunnel. But when the past comes back to haunt them, they find themselves in a completely new playing field. Change suddenly begins to overtake them, in more ways than one. ...

  • covers ➸ a camren one shot
    434K 16.2K 18

    "And every cell in her body is screaming ‘touch her, touch her,’ but Lauren was a work of art and Camila could not ruin her. She’d already done enough of that."

  • yellow ➸ camren
    5.6M 167K 31

    FIRST BOOK IN THE YELLOW SERIES Lauren Jauregui hated Camila Cabello, plain and simple. Of course, who could blame her? Camila had been the one who read Lauren's private texts in front of the whole cafeteria, forcing her out of the closet. Lauren left for New York with her three best friends the day she graduated, thi...

  • Striking Out - Camren
    1.8M 55.7K 45

    Camila and Lauren were both what you would call a 'fuckgirl', plain and simple. The two didn't know one another but their best friends were more than tired of their escapades. So, they decided to hatch a plan in order for them to stop. Little did they know that the plan would turn in to so much more. (co-written by...

    Completed   Mature
  • weak ➸ camren
    1.4M 56.1K 31

    Trigger Warning - Talk of Eating Disorders ➸ "But Lauren knew. Camila needed someone to fight for her, and that’s what she intended on doing. If Camila came running at her with her fist raised, Lauren wouldn’t push her away. She would just hug her until Camila stopped punching her." Highest Rank: #33 in Fanfiction

  • Mute ||Camren
    494K 14.4K 27

    Camila Cabello, a girl who have always been struggling to talk properly due to her speech disorder that she had been suffering from since she was a little girl. She gets bullied for it and was called out names. Embarrassed, Camila decided to not speak publicly and just hoped that the school she would be transferring i...

  • Heliophilia (camren)
    1.6M 49K 37

    Words cannot describe this book, such a read. I wanted Heliophilia to be on Wattpad. Not my book. All rights go to original writer. Enjoy.

  • exploring sexuality | camren
    1.5M 35.7K 26

    two friends- camila and lauren begin noticing things about each other. things that are wrong, but also, things that are right. they get curious. cover by @SLOTHTATO

  • Roommates (Camren)
    1.2M 16.7K 15

    Explicit material in nearly every chapter of this mini series. NOT MY STORY. All creds goes to Kat on Tumblr. I just found this mini series to be really good and wanted people on Wattpad to be able to read. Original link:

    Completed   Mature
  • green ➸ camren
    4.7M 158K 55

    THIRD BOOK IN THE YELLOW SERIES By now, Camila and Lauren both know to expect the unexpected. But you can never be prepared, especially when their lives take a turn in a completely different direction. The couple finds themselves faced with challenges they never thought they'd encounter. Growing up is hard to do. High...

  • Paparazzi - Camren
    1.7M 37.2K 94

    Pop star Lauren Jauregui has a lot of one night stands. She doesn't want to settle down. As she would say, she's too young to find love at the moment. She could have anyone in the world, until Camila comes along. Read to find out what happens when two completely different worlds collide.

  • that's why our ribs are cages ➸ camren
    247K 9.6K 14

    ➸ Based on the suggestion: “Maybe the little bruises and cuts that show up on your body seemingly out of nowhere are actually little injuries that happened to your soulmate and you get the same marks on your skin as them.” Highest Rank - #399 in Fanfiction

  • Dash Into My Heart (Camren)
    63.6K 2.9K 8

    There's a cute girl in your house right now. Except you thought she was an intruder. So you grabbed your old softball bat if worse came to worst. And that's how your mom comes home to find you holding a bat to the (very cute and currently terrified) dogsitter they apparently hired while you were away at college. Cove...

  • But, you're pretty fucking dope (camren)
    242K 7.5K 25

    "I mean, everyone always hears about my sexuality and then they stay away from me. So why don't you?" "Lauren do you realise how intriguing you are? You may be different to the rest... But you're pretty fucking dope." ((CREDIT TO @FVCKINAMEEZY ON INSTA FOR THE MANIPS))

  • Catalyst
    86.2K 5.1K 26

    Lauren is an angry mute. Ally is a mumbling psycho. Dinah is too pure for this prison. Normani is struggling with herself but she's trying. And Camila gets thrown into this mess without a clue as to what's going on. What could go wrong?

  • Renovations [Camren]
    38K 1.7K 6

    "You've been sleeping at my place because your house is being renovated and we aren't even dating; yet every time you wake up to the baby crying and I hear you sigh, "I'll go", I feel like we may as well be married." Written by: @clinicallydead AND @dinahahansen Cover by: @SLOTHTATO (Cover God)

  • With Every Sip
    68.4K 2.9K 7

    "When she finally leans in, her mouth finds Lauren's with the type of ease that only comes when you've been staring at someone's lips whilst they talk for as long as Camila has. They kiss and it's more than the peck that Camila had been expecting but she couldn't tell you how long it actually lasted because after two...

  • Stress Relief
    101K 2.7K 12

    Lauren Jauregui is valedictorian, probably president of every club there is, and is getting it on with Camila Cabello. (disclaimer: this story sucks until later chapters. sorry y'all I didn't know how to write in the beginning. I've tried to fix it but it's still eh.)

  • BADLANDS | camren
    7.5K 335 4

    Lauren is 17 years old when she gets enough of her neglectful mother and decides to run away. It isn't safe for a young teenage girl on the road, but luckily she finds a couple of companions to help her on her adventure.

  • The Trio (Camren)
    245K 10K 18

    The Trio were the three most talked about siblings ever. They were hot, rich, powerful and unique in their own ways. They may seem perfect but they faced a tragedy long ago before anyone even knew who they were but that tragedy led them to become the owners of the most successful club in the WORLD. They don't date, th...

  • Crimson Painting (Camren)
    24.1K 908 5

    "She pretends it doesn't hurt when Camila pulls away with a gasp, lipstick smeared over both of their lips to a point where they can't tell who has whose lipstick on their mouths, and says, 'fuck you Lauren, I'm not into girls.' She's not naive. It doesn't hurt. (Except it does, it does and it does, until Lauren can't...