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  • Heathers Shiz
    59 6 10

    literally just a bunch of random heathers shizzes

  • A Trip to Disney
    36 4 6

    A Mini Story Created by me!

  • Oooooo
    90 4 10

    Hannah and Olivia love eachother

  • A Lunar Chronicles Story-The Flowers
    108 5 4

    Hey guys. This is my first creation. Heck I just signed up for Wattpad! My friend, Cinder_The_Cyborg (go check her out) has started making a bunch of Fan Fictions and they are awesome! Sooo yeah, she inspired me to do this!

  • Lunar Chronicles | CheeseBurgers & More!
    50 0 2

    Credit to my personal friends - Annabeth, Sami, and Aubrey - for collaborating with me to make this Fan Fiction happen! This story is basically just based off one of our favorite series EVER The Lunar Chronicles! Enjoy!