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  • My Escape From This Darkness
    83.8K 2.8K 55

    UNDER MAJOR EDITING, READ WITH CAUTION! Lance McClain is viewed as a happy, joke loving, and a huge flirt to strangers, even to his close friends. Always trying to cheer up his fellow teammates and friends. Trying to make their day better as it went on even if they find him annoying and useless to the team, but what...

    Completed   Mature
  • Beautiful Disasters [Voltron] (Discontinued)
    113K 6.8K 82

    Being a teen is a hard task in itself but when you pair that up with mental illnesses, society's harsh exceptations, and the need to discover oneself; you're in for a big ride. When given a chance at fixing their issues, six teens discover that the bad, bad world has more than one trick up its little sleeve when they...

  • A Captured Paladin
    9.5K 187 9

    The galra capture Lance. Can the Paladins save him or will they be to late? Klancey moments included Not a one shot book

  • They Didn't Know.. 《Langst》 Completed
    117K 3.2K 19

    What happens when a part of Voltron, a paladin to be exact, is taken hostage by the Galra Empire? Would Voltron search far and wide for their missing piece, or would he simply be remembered as a fever dream? Would your family search for you? Or would they abandon you..? Warnings: I'm not a usual writer! I'm not af...

  • Broken
    62.1K 2.6K 7

    After a battle to rescue a civilization from the Galra, the species they come across can sense peoples feelings and insecurities and intentions. If someone is hurting they fix them, because they hate the negative energy in their kingdom. What happens when the team is confused by a small alien who comes to the queen go...

  • The Right Leg Of Voltron
    37.6K 1K 21

    encludes klance (obviously) and lots of Langst. lance is selfless. lance loves his friends. lance has insecurities. Lance is gone. And Keith will stop at nothing to get him back. On hiatus.