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  • The Horizon's Agony || COMPLETED
    825 160 2

    ¶¶We all live under the same sky, but we don't have the same Horizon¶¶ We find a sadistic pleasure in categorising things, and humans, on the basis of various criterias. Pain, is one of those criterias, on the basis of which, we can categorise humans into two groups. One, who are so devastated by ache that it paralys...

  • Chaotic Tangles!
    35.4K 5.4K 14

    **Can be read as General fiction** The young, leading psychiatrist in the country, is charged for allegedly provoking suicide, but is bailed and later declared innocent. He thinks the complications are over, but when a young free spirited recently post graduated psychiatrist joins as a senior resident in the same hosp...

  • Another Chance At Love?
    222K 7.1K 18

    Can be read as General Fiction! Some times what we perceive as an end to our beautiful stories are not a full stop, but just a semi colon, the storm before the new rise in life. Ved Singh and Tara Sharma have been best friends since the first month in college, up until two years back when Tara disappeared from Ved's...

  • MaNan: Qafas
    4.7K 640 3

    People love the the beauty and the beast because the beasteness is a facade that the beauty uncovers and lightens up the imbibed darkness with her spark, and then they live happily ever after. But- What if the beast is actually a beast? Not a facade? What if lightening up his dark world ends with Beauty giving up her...

  • Setting fire to his world
    7.9K 863 22

    Cover credits : @VELLIGal *can be read as general fiction It was supposed to be a revenge story to avenge for the price of shattered pieces of heart but a small misunderstanding eventually turned it into a alluring novel of romance leading to more brutal heartbreaks. Two mistakes and one connection.... Will love heal...

  • Aching Smiles|| COMPLETED
    195K 23.3K 40

    #PRIVATE STORY# Ten years is a lot of time, especially if you are not in contact with someone, isn't it? Manik Malhotra and Nandini Murthy were childhood friends. Best friends. Until, she left the city after her tenth grade. And now she is returning after ten long years, to the same city, with a hope to meet him, and...

  • MaNan ~ Maze of Miseries
    27.3K 3.4K 7

    The girl no one ever noticed and the guy no one dared to ignore. A FS :) cover by @haripriyaax_ ❤️🥰

  • Mistaken Id |✓|
    67.7K 7.8K 21

    Nandini Murthy is the crazy fan of a certain singer named Manik Malhotra. So certainly when she hears the news about him joining Instagram after too much requests from his fans, she cannot contain her excitement. The first thing she does after opening instagram is type his name and send him a message. But oh boy, is...

  • Billionaire's Baby
    353K 45.6K 45

    He needs a heir for him to acquire his grandfather's property and he wants it without getting into any relationship or marriage. After trying everything when he doesn't succeed in finding the suitable woman, he personally sets out to find her. And then he collides with her─she was desperate for something which he pro...

  • Wrong Number |✓|
    69.5K 10.6K 24

    Nandini Murthy is the normal college going girl with most of her focus on the academics. She's neither that popular nor that invisible, she just ─exists. So what happens when her friend decides to prank her, by giving her the wrong number of the person she has a crush on. Her message rather gets delivered to someone...

  • Justice or Destiny
    176K 17K 40

    "Let go of me...!" she said struggling in his painful grip at her wrists, he pinned at her back. "Then stay away from me...!" he said through his greeted teeth. "I don't want to even breath in the same air where you breathing Mr self obsessed malhotra...!" she spat back with boiling words. "You are a murderer...!"...

  • An Evermore Ardour
    8.7K 791 7

    He was as white as snow, his feelings were pure as the rain drop. She was the breeze to his calm heart , she brought in new colours to his world of white. They fell in love, destiny had other plans, what happens when two souls get separated , one end up getting betrayed and other being oblivious of anything ever happe...

  • Your Order is Shipped - Love @Snapdeal
    3.2K 405 2

    MaNan Two shot

  • The Bad Boy Hates Me [Slowest Updates]
    5.7K 469 2

    Manik Malhotra hates everyone around him, literally. Even if someone breathes next to him, he'll send them a chilling glare which will make them scurry away as soon as possible and as far as possible. So when this bad boy crosses his path with a certain someone named Nandini, he feels all the way more hatred towards...

  • Back to You - Sequel to Locked Away In Heart
    1.2K 190 3

    Some tears, some smile and with all the love still intact, Suraj & Chandni parted ways as lovers to be each other's best friends. Does this mean their story has ended? Does this mean they were never meant to be together? Even nature has two times when Suraj & Chandni are seen together then why can't these two. Is the...

  • Love That Stayed!
    46.8K 5.8K 19

    General disclaimer: This story, a general fiction romance, has a lot of angst involved. Please be ready with your tissues if emotions hit you hard! Not every love story has a beautiful begining, just like many have sad endings. His story also had a painful start, a tale of his unrequited love! Hers had a painful end...

  • Cross Connection (OS)
    5.2K 679 1

    What happens when you lose your phone in between the cushions at one coffee shop and worse, the person in possession of it now refuses to return your favourite phone to you? Do lost things come back? Do you think the universe fights for the souls to be together? Some things are too strange and strong to be coincidence...

  • I Promise
    20.3K 1.7K 4

    On one stupid drunken night, the ever so organised Audrey Baker sends all those unposted letters to the boy she never dared to speak to, setting the caged bird of love in her heart free. Little does she know how she is going to regret it for the rest of her life. Will an unrequited love find its way after 6 long years?

  • Besabriyaan
    467K 44.3K 57

    Touching our favourite superstar is a far fetched dream but what if one day you actually get to touch the star of your dreams but that rather than being your blessing turns out to be a curse? A dark one. Nandini Murthy being a diehard fan of Manik Malhotra falls head over heels in love with her favourite superstar bu...

  • Spaces Between Us
    50.9K 6.2K 14

    "Make me fall in love again. Harder. And replace her in my heart. Make me love you so much that you run as the blood in my veins. That...I'm not able to think of even my own existence before you. Make me crazily fall for you, please?" "Is that what you want me to do?" "30 days. 30 sessions. If you can't succeed in thi...

  • Our Infinity
    5.7K 742 3

    "What went wrong Elena? What happened to our forever and always?" "Nothing except that I was made of wood and your hands were matchsticks born to light my bones into a bonfire of love. But even the most violent storm stops; even the most sweltering forest fire turns ice cold. And so did our love. It burnt out."

  • Illusions ✎
    58.6K 8K 32

    ❝I'm just one step closer to being two steps farther from him. He and I are just like an illusion.❞ Nandini Murthy is a strong, independent working woman, with a tough protective shell around her. Everything in her life seems to favor her, more or less until Manik Malhotra comes into the picture. Attracted and vulnera...