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  • 4ever 2gether 2love 1another
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    How will you define love? Ranking: No. 1 in tula 6/13/21 No. 1 in personification 6/15/21 No. 2 in poetrycontest 6/13/21 No. 1 in poezie 7/18/21 No. 1 in makata 7/18/21 No. 3 in poembook 6/15/21

  • "Have you seen this feelings ?"
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    The Hardest Part of having friends are Loving them so much! Pagmamahal Pagpapakamartir Pagpapakatanga Pagpapakamanhid Pagpapakaduwag Pagpapasensya Pagpaparaya Pakikipagsapalaran Pagkamakasarili Pagkabigo Pambabalewala Have you seen their different style of feelings?

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    A group of youth gathered together for the same cause, "REVENGE". As they wander around the chaotic world they're living in, who knows what they might discover. Will they be able to stand strong 'till the end? Or will the end be strong enough to end them?

  • Son of a God
    41 4 3

    Sebastian, son of God Rein, is left to take care of the homerealm and be its emperor to every extent. Sebastian will face many challenges as the ruler of homerealm, and he will need to live up to everyone's expectations. Will he be able to live up to his father's legacy?

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    A summary of WWII...

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    In the mirror, Matthews gaze slightly shifted to the direction of his daughter.For the first time, Annabelle thought her father had actually bothered to look at her since she entered his bedroom. " Yes I do. I heard every word you said." "Listening is way more different than hearing" ...

  • What Kind Of Future
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    Warning: •WAG BABASAHIN KUNG DI KA READY MA-STRESS SA BUONG BUHAY MO CHOUURR ~ •MEDYO MAHABA HABA ITO KAYA PAG SENSYAHAN MUNA, PERO KUNG WILLING KA MAG BASA GO! Thank you 💕 Paano kung may taong bigla na lang dumating sa buhay mo na magtuturo sayo na magmahal at magtiwala ulit sa love sa kabila ng pagiging bitter mo...

  • Stolen Hearts (Heart Series #1)
    1.5K 209 42

    COMPLETED Maraming taong nagmamahal ng isang taong may mahal ng iba, nagbabaka-sakali sila na may pag-asa pa. Pero ang tanong, magagawa mo nga bang manakaw ang pusong pagmamay-ari na ng ibang tao?

  • Drowning In To Your Eternal Love Villiafuero Series#1 (S00N)
    513 203 7

    The first villiafuero who stole your heart.... let us drown in eternal love together.My love for you is more than the deepest sea, because it will never have a limit. As long as we live we will drown in the love that we both have built ... -villiafuero series#1 Ps: plagiarism is a CRIME!! Ta...

  • The Road Of Pain (The Trio Series #1)
    504 260 20

    -Trexine Zairish Anderson, a Stem student that not afraid of anyone except to her dad, She never expect to fall in love with a man she met in a small accident named Steven Zykiel Lacaste the famous student in Summerfield University. _________________________________________ Expect that it has a typographical errors. ...

  • Before We March
    1.3K 696 32

    Marching Bands and Parades are supposed to be fun but sometimes it turns to be a weapon for each and every voices. Just like Jordan Paul Jr. a man whom seems to live up to his father and dreamt of seeing a parade that would start to tremble his world outside his perspectives and grew up with a mission to speak up for...

  • Living into engineer's house (ON GOING)
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    A Collaboration

  • Let The Race Begin
    165 55 14

    "Buhay ang kinuha mo, buhay rin ang kabayaran." The Alegria's- a mafia family, a well-known clan of sports car racers. The best of all the best. The riches, the wealthiest and the most powerful family in Philippines. Kahit saang sulok ng bansa ay maririnig niyo ang makapangyarihan apelyido'ng ito. Charles Alegria, ang...

  • Un Cuento de Hadas: A Fairytale
    117 22 5

    Princess Royal Amelia Celine Martinez is well-known in Spain because of her title and wealth, she living in a luxurious life that everyone could dreamed of, as the heir of Spain, all responsibility will be given to her by her father. King Alistair Martinez rule the Spain for decades, it's time for him to step down and...

  • Deceitful Desire [ON HOLD]
    639 448 15

    She woke up in the world of vampires, full of illusions and lies. Whatever it takes to be free, she must find the seven souls in exchange for her freedom. ****** Deixyree Aeliana Laveire always thought that life is all about rainbows and unicorns. After the death of her parents everythin...

    6.9K 2.3K 46

    West Land series #1 Winter Fernsby is from a family of assassins. She enrolled at West Land University to experience the thrill-The West Land Tournament. To join the tournament, she'll need a team composed of six. So she created a team with members who are all willing to fight and die with her; a squad that helped he...

  • Section D [Part One] | Completed
    18.5K 2.3K 125

    All I want is a normal highschool life...dahil gusto kong magbago para sa pamilya ko. Pero patuloy rin iyung pinagkakait sa'kin. Wirdong section na kung saan walang kinatatakutan. Hobby ang gumawa ng kalokohan, puro pakikipag-away ang alam. Pero kahit anong gawin ko, isa lang ang pagkakatulad nila sa'kin. I want to pr...

  • Am I in Love (COMPLETED)
    2.2K 161 24

    "Love is a strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties." To love signifies committing the right out of your wrongdoings in life. But for Brianna Olivares, loving someone was the greatest mistake she has done before. She believes that there's nothing wrong with loving someone but failed to choo...

  • Marcella's Diary
    401 141 27

    Marcella's real journey started when she was 13 years old. Writing in an old diary is one of her diversions. She was young when she became an orphan. So, a wealthy family adopted her. Unexpectedly, Marcella captured each family members' hearts. As time goes on, she gained friends, wealth, fame, and compliments. Her li...

  • TYHES#1-ON HOLD:A grief-stricken of kismet
    9.8K 955 15

    Pinagtagpo, ngunit pinaglayo ng tadhana. HIGHEST RANK 🥇 -Brokenfate -Sunrise -Richiest

  • TYHES#2-COMPLETED:Why we couldn't be, rewrite the stars?
    9.5K 1.3K 15

    The stars lead us to reach every dreams we're dreaming for, just like love. An enthusiastic but a dangerous predator in the whole world. In every twinkling taking a chance to be with. A long lasting love ne'er be felt out of with you. We are a dazzling sky and clouds full of hopes and love. You're the brightest sta...

  • When She Found
    2K 733 29

    Anya Guerero and her sister have been orphans, so Anya has the responsibility to be a mother to her sister to support her needs. Unexpectedly, she was hired as a Personal Assisstant of the intense, breathtaking, and heart-fluttering appearance of Damon Terranova. In a fortunate fate, she wasn't expecting to discover...

  • The Desperate Ex-Wife
    45.7K 3.8K 33

    WARNING: MATURE CONTENT (R18) Desperate times call for desperate measures. Kaya pagkatapos ng siyam na taon, muling umuwi si Helga sa San Cristobal. She had a purpose. And that was to seek the help of her ex-husband, Mayor Keith Arzadon. Sa tingin ni Helga ay wala namang problema kung sakali. After all, the decision t...

  • Don't Let Go (ON GOING)
    96 22 4

    Ally Garcia ang isang hopeless romantic na babae, to the point na she is willing to give everything just for her love. But what if kung yung taong mahal nya ay kabaliktaran ng gusto nya? Sean Dela Cruz... Ang lalaking nagpatibok ng puso nya, pero paano naman kung si Sean ay hindi kayang isugal ang lahat para sa pagibi...

  • Behind Her Mask
    4.3K 1.4K 28

    The prettiest smile hide the deepest secrets. The prettiest eyes have cried the most tears. And the kindest hearts have felt the most pain. Many enemies what her dead in their hands and in their watch but instead they will kill her, they've decided her loved ones should be killed to see her suffer. How will she avoid...

  • The forgotten moments (on-going)
    1.8K 1.2K 16

    What if magising na na lang na wala kang maalala? Nabubuhay ng wala man lang kaalaman sa nakaraan What if One day may bigla na lang dumating, Dahil sa simpleng Arrange Marriage naging komplekado ang lahat. Unti-unti mong naaalala ang lahat pero pano kung yung mga taong pinagkakatiwalaan mo ay sila pang unang nagsinu...

  • Once Upon A Time In Province
    25.9K 2.1K 66

    Tinalikuran ni Rhexien Roentgen ang isang masaganang buhay dahil hindi nito matanggap na ikakasal siya sa kanyang ex girlfriend na nanloko sa kanya. Napadpad siya sa isang malayong probinsya sa Mindanao at doon nakilala ang isang babaeng marikit, mayumi, at mahinhing si Aurora Del Mundo. Nahulog ang kanyang loob sa da...

    Completed   Mature
  • Marrying My Sister's Fiancee
    117K 5.1K 83

    "Who are you?" I was stunned by his question. I look at him with fear and sadness. I don't know what to do, I was caught by him. I tried to hide my weakness inside the blanket with my body naked. Pilit kong pinatatag ang loob ko. "What do you mean?" I answered him as if nothing happened. I tried to ease the atmosphere...

    Completed   Mature
  • Still Into You
    2K 1.1K 91

    " I'm still into you, Mr. Melisande.."

  • Living In Your World
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    Minsan ba kapag nagbabasa ka parang gusto mona lang pumasok sa eksena? Maging parte ng kwento, magkatotoo ang imahinasyon mo... Paano kung makapasok ka sa librong binabasa mo pero may kapalit bawat pagbabagong gagawin mo? Babaguhin mo paba? Date Written: December 16, 2020 Date Finished: --