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  • drive! taegguk
    12.4K 1.3K 5

    ❝so, to wrap it up, some random guy, who was being chased by five cops, jumped in my car and yelled "drive!". i was going through an emotional crisis, got frightened and did it. eventually, they caught us and that's the story of how i went to jail for the first time.❞ © zorry 2018

  • No We're Not Friends | taekook
    182K 7K 14

    Being friends with benefits with his long time crush is really a dream come true for Jeongguk. But as the time goes by, Jeongguk found himself wanting more. And that is definitely not good. Taehyung thought it was a good idea to invite Jeongguk at his apartment that day. But it only made him confused about his feelin...

    Completed   Mature
  • road trip.
    3.3M 200K 68

    "you know, this actually quite fun. it's like we're on a road trip." "yeah, a road trip with an $8.4m worth guy who i kidnapped and held at gun point, and with whom im currently trying to run away with from the damn police and fbi." he mutters sarcastically, "mhm, exactly my type of fun." ©SHARMILA / nectaerine febr...