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  • Hidden (TicciMask)
    33.7K 994 16

    [Completed] [Highest rank: #1 in ticcimask] Toby is always happy, at least on the outside. Masky always pushes everyone away, too scared to let anyone in. Toby have never seen Maskys face and know almost nothing about him, least of all why he hates him so much. After messing up on several missions and countless time...

  • You're Mine (BillDip) #Wattys2016
    193K 8.2K 30

    Gravity Falls AU High school and BillDip. Enjoy the experience because I'm a sadist and no character is safe from meeeeeee~

    Completed   Mature
  • Jeff The Killer x Laughing Jack
    19.8K 204 20

    Warning: This story contains deep yaoi and smut. (Boy x boy).

    Completed   Mature
  • Broken~ EJ x BEN
    5K 111 11

    EJ wasn't to nice when he first met Ben. But what happens when he begins to feel something toward Ben? What will Ben think? Warnings: Rape.. Yaoi ahead! Foul language! And Gore!

  • Ask Pip, Butter, Tweek, and Stan!!!!
    2.5K 52 14

    Ask Team cutely boy or dare them!

  • I Hate You, Conformist (Complete)
    27.6K 1.8K 16

    Firkle really hates Ike the conformist jock. He can't help, but hate the way his blue eyes shine and his Raven hair shines.

  • Boarding School (South Park Creek) ~complete~
    47.8K 2.4K 25

    When Craig gets sent to a boarding school Tweek is determined to get him back home, even if it means being sent to boarding school himself. (I don't own South Park or any pictures used)

  • My Guardian Demon (South Park Dip) ~Complete~
    47.9K 2.4K 25

    Damien and Pip are friends, they always have been. But what happens when Satan (Damien's father) wants Pip dead? (I do not own South Park or any pictures)

  • A Sad Creek One-Shot
    706 38 1

    It's all in the title. (I don't own South Park or any pictures)

  • Summer Time -sequel to Forgotten?- (South Park Creek)
    34.7K 1.7K 16

    It's supposed to be the best summer ever for Craig and Tweek. But Craig starts acting distant and Tweek doesn't know why. Update: ranked #42 in South Park on 5/12/18 (I do not own South Park or any pictures used)

  • Chullo Hat and a Cup of Coffee
    19.5K 1K 24

    A scary hard ass like Craig falling for the cute shaking boy that is Tweek. Warning- Will contain some domestic abuse situations so don't read it if that type of stuff bothers you. DISCONTINUED

  • Random One-Shots
    37.9K 1.9K 31

    Read the title, dammit. Requests are open, dudes.

  • Shadows With Tears
    6.6K 409 7

    Maybe I'm bad for him. Maybe I'm destroying him instead of helping him. But it's not my fault. He's the one who's still here

  • Style - Stan x Kyle
    12.8K 318 5

    A story of a ginger who fell in love with his super best friend. everyday it killed seeing him with wendy. They seemed so happy... Kyle would hide his feelings that hes had for years.. Only one person knows about his crush for stan and that was butters who happened to love kenny but kenny is with tammy which killed hi...

  • The Kyle Game
    17.5K 878 11

    Cartman, Kenny and Stan one day realize that they all share the same feelings for their friend Kyle. Someone overhears their conversation and decides to make it game. The next day the three boys awake in an arena and are told that they will have to fight each other for the right to call Kyle theirs. Fangirl Favorite C...

  • Foxy x Bonnie : Secrets
    61.3K 1.9K 40

    Foxy and Bonnie have a secret. They do naughty things to each other and Freddy can't figure out. But that's not what they should worry about, there is a group of people who wish to get rid of them. Will Bonnie, Foxy, Freddy, and Chica make it out alive? Or will the dark side get them?

    Completed   Mature
  • TicciMask One Shots
    21.2K 397 19

    Recently I have been obsessed with TicciMask. I don't know hwy but I have. I have many ideas for fanfictions so I decided to put them all into one. Some are happy some are sad. Also, not all of them will have smut but if they do I will warn you. Enjoy

  • Operation: Style (COMPLETED)(South Park) {StanxKyle}
    97K 5K 29

    "Wendy. Eric." After saying their names, Principle Victoria looked to both teens respectably. "I hope you understand what I'm trusting you with." "Yes Principle Victoria. 'Operation: Style' is a go!" Wendy exclaimed, probably too excited for the given task. "Dude.. gay." Cartman's nose scrunched up just thinking of h...

  • South Park Titanic
    4.8K 265 8

    It's 1912 and the lives of several teens are about to change. They are about to board the RMS Titanic and all of their lives will soon be incredible altered. Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Kenny McCormick, Eric Cartman, Leopold Stotch, Craig Tucker, Tweek Tweak, Token Black, Clyde Donovan, Wendy Testaburger and Bebe Ste...

  • The Story Behind Stan Marsh {On Hold}
    7K 388 11

    After Stan Marsh kills himself, Kyle Broflovski stops talking and about two weeks after Stan Marsh kills himself a mysterious package appears on Kyle Broflovski's doorway, in that package is Stan Marsh's diary, a diary indicating all of the things leading up to him killing himself over the past year.

  • Stan and Kyle (oneshot)
    1.9K 65 1

    Just a freakin oneshot lol. Kyle is upset and Stan doesn't know why.

  • South park: Stan x Kyle
    21.7K 659 6

    I've been writing this story since 2014 so that's why it's kinda bad. {I do not own South park or anything or anyone from it!} A South park fan-fiction with Stan and Kyle when they're 16 [Gay]

  • What The Heart Wants
    3.4K 83 6

    Kyle has always had a crush on his Super Best Friend but he has never been able to confess his feelings towards him. Stan has a crush on Kyle and he is trying to find away to confess his feelings to Kyle. Will the two fourth graders finally confess their feelings?

  • To Want What Someone Else Has
    869 45 1

    Kyle wants Stan. He doesn't realize that he's making himself sick.

  • Him And I, We Come From Different Worlds
    5.5K 420 10

    Tweek Tweak, was always labeled as the mentally unstable kid. Tweek, himself, never really believed it. Sure, he knew he had some problems, but he didn't think he was "insane", until he starting falling in love with. . . him.

  • highschool of creepy idiots
    4.5K 260 46

    jeff the killer, the all high and mighty killer is undercover from the FBI and practically every asylum that tried to held him away from the human society. after his latest crime of burning down half of an entire city now knowing that the government will not stop their search until they find him. he has to lie low and...

  • Runaway with me Prince (BoyXBoy)
    48.7K 2.1K 28

    Butters is a prince and Kenny is his server. Kenny is in with the lovely Prince Butters but the king an Queen is strict. He tries to get the prince all for himself

  • Meant to be? (Yaoi)
    52.4K 2.4K 34

    its a CartmanxButters story that turns into a Bunny (ButtersxKenny) story Kenny comes back from camp and finds out that the town's most innocent boy is with the town's most fattest and idiotic boy. Hes sad but happy that Butters found somebody.. that is til he finally sees Butters.

  • Super Gay Crush (A TweekxCraig/Creek fanfic)
    89.2K 2.6K 19

    Craig and Tweek have been best friends for a long time now and they've developed feelings for each other, but when miscommunication between them happens, someone gets hurt. Someone in their old friend group messed everything up and they do this again. Will everything work out? Who messed up? And the most i...

  • He took him from me(south park Creek)
    4.5K 105 2

    "dont worry Craig im here." I say kissing him on top of his head moving his hat. Craig blushing looking way.