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  • Echos
    43 8 2

    The boy who was cursed, a curse that is unimaginable. Wherever he goes, echos of rumors spread "It's that murderous boy!" Its truly a terrible fate to have this curse he got sent with as he got born. Curse of blood lust, he would go insane, uncontrollable and vicious, kill whoever is in the way. He would kill multiple...

  • Happy For You
    288 45 24

    Happy birthday, my dearest friends. This is a collection of short stories dedicated to all my friends' birthdays. We may not be as close as others, but since I know your birthday, why not celebrate it? It may not always be about us, it might be about your troubles. Your insecurities, your love life, your family, maybe...

  • Upperclassman
    249 21 6

    Let's say that this guy likes this girl. Simple right? Well, she almost killed him six months ago... Also, wasn't she known as one of the rudest, meanest, most unapproachable girls that has ever attended that school? In addition, wasn't there a rumor about her leaving soon? Thing is, when I say leaving I mean like- ...

  • Jealous boyfriend
    1.5K 48 3

    Y/n didn't know that her ex boyfriend will be a new student at the college

  • Regret
    46 4 3

    Y/N and Taehyung both love together but Taehyung cheated on Y/N with Irene that bully Y/N a lot.

  • Lonely
    42 5 1

    Erie is a fourteen year old girl. Many people say insults in front of her and even her friend doesn't like. Since her friend disliked her a lot, she decided to break the friendship between them. What will happen to Erie? Will she fall in depression? No one knows. She's alone.

  • The lost girl
    52 7 2

    This story is just for fun hope you enjoy 😅